Family blames iPhone for starting house fire

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A B.C. couple is demanding Apple pay $600,000 in uninsured losses after they were forced to close their farm business following a devastating house fire that they claim was sparked by a faulty iPhone. Cathy and Ian Finley believe a three-month-old iPhone 6 left plugged into a charge cord somehow heated up and started a fire in a leather chair in their living room in October 2016.

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Julian says:

I'm experienced with Lithium cells so let me quickly give some technical information and my opinion on this:
The type of lithium cell used in almost all modern smartphones, including iPhones, are called Lithium Polymer batteries. And it's pretty hard to get a phone to explode by just charging it.
If she was using a bad charger it would've blown the charging controller inside the phone to protect the battery from getting damaged, so it is VERY unlikely that this was caused by a bad charger. And if it was the charger had a short circuit on mains the fuses in her home would have blown.
Either she did not have correct protection installed in her home against short circuit and the charger blew(which also most likely means she used a really cheap off brand charger), or the battery in the phone was punctured or overvolted in some way. Like I said; overvolting the iPhone would cause the charging circuit to break before it even reached the battery for long enough to cause it to explore/catch on fire, this would've just broken the phone in a way that you can't charge it anymore. The battery couldn't just have overheated as it doesn't rely on a cooling system, and many people leave their phones out charging in the sun and return to a boiling hot phone without it exploding.

Simply said. She either used a really cheap charger and her home was not protected against short circuit on mains voltage in the way required by law in most countries, or the phone has been punctured or in another way heavily damaged on intent.

If you'd like to know more on batteries and how they work I'd recommend checking out jehugarcia his channel. He build his own electric van & powerwall using recycled lithium batteries.

Warrior Of The Only God A says:

600k and can’t rebuilt. Seems off

jaycee ceejay says:

When I bought my cellphone, the instructions say not to leave unattended. My charger gets pretty hot. I imagine others get hot as well. The fault lies in the owners lap,

InfinitePower says:

That's an insurance scam right there!

whutzat says:


John Doe says:

Merkel: ‘No-go’ areas do exist in Germany & we have to call them by name

John Boy says:

Notice how it was a small log farmhouse at first…..

Tobias Tho says:

A go found me campaign would have probably more success than to go after an unproven cause you contributed to. Another tip: Try to think in solutions, not in problems.

John Boy says:

That land is probably worth well over 2million, they already are rich.

John Boy says:

She looks about 10 to 20 years younger then him

John Boy says:

Another reason to always be mindful of the phone its not a toy.

John Boy says:

At least she's not driving with the phone now, safer roads for all.

John Boy says:

1.2million what are they building the Popes mansion , its a farm for gosh sakes and they doing 20 foot ceilings with sky lights.

John Boy says:


Juan sanchez says:

They probably used a cheap cord if I was apple I would tell them to kick rocks

tkchau says:

where/who has the burnt phone now?

rock androll says:

One of many reasons why ill never buy another iphone!

francis to says:

After 600k and still not enough?cry babies!

Rico The MLG PRO says:

Or Was it A 3rd Party Charger?

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