Investigating Police Snooping Tools (The Investigators with Diana Swain)

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Reporters with the Toronto Star revealed the Toronto police force has been using a controversial form of surveillance technology, known as IMSI catchers or stingrays, despite originally denying it. Watch The Investigators Saturdays at 9:30 pm ET and Sundays at 5:30 pm ET on CBC News Network.

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BlackBox863 says:

Time to setup code words lol

NoLeads Ent. says:

the news needs to gain trust back.
this is old news and america is doing this already.
its what happens when you believe the ottawa shooting happened and sign into law canadian patriot acts. bye bye freedom.

Justin Chief says:

Knew it!!! Airplane mode here we come!!

Proud Murican says:

To serve and protect…   who?

Dunning Kruger says:

Wage slaves, sources of revenue generation. That is what we are. Police are nothing but bullies that keep a broken system going. They NEED the broken system otherwise…. no job for them.

shazzzam79 says:

"Ok Kim…. you doubted them and why?" …..cause the police is government and all they ever do is steal our property and lie about it. If you oppose this theft they will rip apart your life, the lives of everyone around you, and put you in a cage….

ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo says:

It's called criminal. They're recording people NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION and they lied. Someone should be charged with a crime. In Canada, the police are not above the law This is a national disgrace.
Next time a politician comes to your door hoping for your vote, bring this up. All levels of government.

void void says:

2 year old news ,, just like the Mexican cartels in Cancun ,, Brietbart reported that 8 months ago

Oingo Boingo says:

Imagine that, the police using deception, violating our rights and lying about it and refusing to comply with FOI laws and nothing happens to them. Criminals must love being cops too.

Whiezy Canadian says:

There go's your case like a box of TNT ………lol sick sick thugs

passive FIST says:

This is breaking the publics trust and privacy. How is this legal? there needs to be 100% transparency or we need to reduce their budget.. unacceptable!!

Ottee2 says:

The po.po lied?! I'm shook.

hamza sheikh says:

black lives matters

Peter Vigna says:

got to get ready for cannibis legalization make sure they can shut down the goverments competition.

Marylee Macpherson says:

Now how are we,as citizens supposed to trust the authorities? Cheers to the three reporters.. never giving up..

JOE BLOE says:

I told you the government was spying on us, now I just need to prove that the Earth is flat and Trump is an alien.

Fair Warning says:

Law enforcement is abusing the collection of metadata… More news @ 11:00. It is important to note that passive collection of data is an invasion of privacy.

Anthony Sharp says:

That's Crown law and rule for you. Commonwealth cops, anything goes, easily covered up. Our Constitution and CRF is useless.

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