Leslie Marshall: Trump’s speech was ‘dictator in the making’

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President Trump rallied voters in Pennsylvania ahead of special election; the ‘America’s News HQ’ political panel reacts to Trump’s rally comments.

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Dbusdriver71 says:

Hey, leslie; after 8 years of executive orders from Obama, lawsuits and what he did in arizona you have the nerve to say trump is some sort of dictator?! If Trump is some sort of dictator than would make
both Hillary and Obama were complete supporters of the Nazi State considering their hostile policies and actions twards the Jews.

b ss says:

Corporatism has overtaken politics while we argue over republics/democrats, white/black, and tRump's everyday buffoonery. We need to wake up and get money out of politics.

J Dean says:

All the vile criticism of this reporter Leslie Oconner by the Youtube commenters if you can call them that. Just goes to show you when Fox news sometimes has reporters who don't tow the Trump line, the 12 year old commentators (Surely they must be 12 and under!) can't handle it. So instead of evaluating her comments on their merits, they resort to schoolboy taunts. I know I know, libs do the same thing but do they really? I'm a moderate and so I look for the middle ground which is the only place agreement can be reached by two opposing parties. I have seen lib criticism to be sure, but not on such a juvenile scale.

Auntie Em says:

Ha! Way to go Fox!! Lol and the triggered say . . .

Sacred Rebel says:

Drug dealers, you mean pharmaceutical companies? drug addicts you mean like white opioid users? lmao

Dubjax 23 says:

Of course trump wants to a dictator, he will fail because he is an ass hole.

your moms secret friend says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you trumptards seriously don't get. Yoiur views on liberals, your views on progressives, your views on democrats. Your inability to see the type of monster that orange buffoon is. You just don't get it. BUT HEY, I want to see this country burn and white people eat each other, SO ,go Trump!

Robot Gurl says:

Hahaha you guys are going down

ACRON verse says:

Leslie looks like a constipated robot. Anyone tell you that less is more? Seriously, how much makeup can you trowel on?

Sam Nardo says:

I can’t stand that libcunt, almost as much as I detest Cunton.

Steven Nault says:

A angry woman isn't worth the time of day, this woman hit the wall and can't see beyond it…

David Digital says:

She's an old maid in the making

Jessica Domann says:

What men with power aren't narcissists? Obama is too . He just doesn't show it publicly .

steve says:

Lady you are the reason and other morons don't under stand. Trump is what we have been waiting for years. A non polition and doesn't live off the tax payers. You haven't a clue about the average person

David Main says:

These people are scared. Right on.

David Main says:

Leslie is a Putz.

Robert Rodriguez says:

Libtards have all the answers, Trump should not attack people it's juvenile, mean while he's attacked , called names, brutalized everyday, thank God he sticks up for himself. God bless POTUS. And why are libtards and the fake news siding with the Russians?

Ralph Washburn says:


John Sinclair says:

Hope trump likes being ass raped. Trump for prison bitch 2020

Phyllis Howle says:

Trump can't be bought by the democrats.. They can't script his speeches for him and it is driving them crazy lol I so love my President and he knows how to push those buttons and let the democrats hang themselves

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