LIVE: RSBN Crew Late Night Pre-Trump Rally Live Stream from Pittsburgh, PA 3/9/18

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Join RSBN’s Liz Willis, Steve Lookner and Micah Messer live from Pittsburgh, PA for a late night live stream ahead of tomorrow’s Trump rally in Moon Township.

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Colleen Nye says:

Yes! Rocket man is a big topic. I call him baby man

Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

Beware FreeRepublic, a fake "conservative," "patriotic" site. It's a Bush front. The owner is committed to protecting the murderers of 9/11. Anyone questioning the official fairytale is banned.

AzKyle says:

What time does the rally start?

Berney Rudolph says:

My husband has the inner ear problem and was told it is due to Meanniers . A low sodium diet , no caffeine ,and taking diuretics has been very helpful. It sounds like Joe Seales might have the same issues.

Kreemerz says:

Gosh, where has Liz been? I miss her.

blossom marry rose says:

I can't comment on your live chat so I can't donate

blossom marry rose says:

Hello from Canada

Daisy Cocoa says:

A lot of the reason we knew the MSM (main stream media) was lying to us was because we watched RSB’s coverage of the Trump rally’s. The ONLY media to cover EVERY WORD of Trump’s campaign speech’s. The next day we would wake up and watch our MSM that we had been watching and blindly trusting our entire lives……AND THE MSM WAS UNASHAMEDLY AND BLATANTLY LYING ABOUT WHAT WE HAD JUST HEARD TRUMP SAY IN HIS SPEACH THE NIGHT BEFORE…EVERY TIME! THAT….is what flipped 30 year democrats to Trump supporting republicans, not anything else. Just the shocking, hard truth, of rampant corruption at every level seen through our own eyes. You are real life hero’s of the world! You have earned a place in history and will be remembered for your heroic acts.

Michael Synan says:

tks you all do a gr8 job getting this on…

Michael Synan says:

Up early chasing my own shadows and ghost..I you guys are on..Wow peppered sprayed! had a young kid at work come up inback of me 7 sprayed me in the eye …for weeks i was dream about getting shot in the eye….wow~

Ron Stallcup says:

I didn't get to watch the live stream, but I got the notification. THANK YOU RSBN !!!

Jennie Whale says:

GO SUPERFAN!!!! Thank you for representing We The People !!!MAGA!!!

Stephen Cole says:

God bless you guys and good night

Stephen Cole says:

I love sushi I could eat it everyday

Paul Booher says:

You guys look so tired! Get some rest! 🙂

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