Man recalls last hours before son, wife were shot and killed: 20/20 Part 1

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Kent Whitaker and his wife Tricia had gone to dinner with their sons Kevin and Bart to celebrate Bart’s college graduation.


Smokn PounDz says:

Yo how would he do that he actually had a good family and a childhood???i don’t even have a family like that but I’m still thankful for everything…. I wouldn’t kill them

I'm A banana says:

This is why I call white people crazy

OutlanderVideo says:

The poor dad! His son is a sociopath. The world is a scary place! God help us all!

McCro Vlogs says:

this is a scary world at the minute

Eric Thomas says:

White people always doing shit like this. There needs to be a study on their violent tendencies. Why are the majority of kids who kill their parent white? Why are the majority of serial killers white? They need to find the answer

salvador hernandez says:

If a victim doesn't want his shooter to die just keep him behind bars and let him suffer in there instead killing him is the easy way out

Literatura BDSM says:

I hope this poor man finds happiness somewhere else. He can give all that love to someone who deserves. So many children would see it a a heaven, and that wrecked shit destroyed it

-Jmolclif J- says:

So sad so sad

kenneth nelson says:

His father is dumb he only sad because he got caught tf

Peter Butter says:

His right eye lash is fucking different color Please…

Miss Bling says:

How could you forgive him?!

Andrew Pike says:

Don't kill him make him rot in isolation for the rest of his life

Stephen Webb says:

He does not deserve to live.

Jacy Spence says:

Why are is eyelashes white

conspiracies are just great stories says:

It may be your son, but he's the murderer of your wife and other son and he deserves no love or mercy. He deserves death himself.

KentuckyKim says:

Seriously? Mr. Kent Whitaker says he's the single and greatest victim? This man is delusional! Bart better repent and ask GOD for forgiveness as he lay on the table when the time comes, and it will.

LilSavage 22 says:

This happened in houston texas where i live, and in sugar land ive been to sugar land it is beautiful there nice houses and lakes with water shooting up like a water fountain

ItsZander says:

I forgive em

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