Milo Yiannopoulos Australian Troll Academy Tour – Melbourne Vlog feat. Protests

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I recently attended Milo Yiannopoulos’ Troll Academy tour event in Melbourne and it didn’t disappoint. Melbourne Australia has more rabid Left-wingers willing to protest than most cities in Australia. This is due to a winding back of laws after Dan “Big Ears” Andrews lied to get into office a few years ago.

It was fun watching these people whine about Milo and kick up a big stink and there were a few skirmishes before we arrived but nothing big after we got there.

I attended the event with David Hiscox of XYZ newspaper and two other people, I asked new YouTuber Word of Rob his thoughts and he gave some good answers.

Overall Milo’s talk was a good experience, I’m glad he came to Australia and it was funny that he got to see just how silly Melbourne Leftists are. We all had a really good laugh at their expense.

Everyone had a great time, the speech itself offered up some new points and was really funny.

I hope he does really well and enjoys his new hot-tub courtesy of the Left, who really made the experience fantastic!

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Mattys Modern Life says:

Check this article out, the girl taking the video at the top says I gave a "nazi salute" when all I was doing was blow kisses:

It's pretty funny but just more evidence that the Left need to lie to push their agenda.

Jen Werner says:

Great analysis of the night. 🙂 Love Milo!

Malcom Canning says:

go milo ,takes a gay pom to say things old to scared to say.

minginify says:

You guys must have missed the hundreds of rabid immigrants from the flats that were whipped into a frenzy by protest organisers. Scores running up to police and throwing rocks and bottles into police`s faces… I had to save an old lady being spat on by these African ferals and pull her out of the way whilst the cops were totally over-run further back with no means of helping us.

minginify says:

Good to see some of the faces from XYZ.

Den Kiwi says:

all I think of when I see these left wing thugs is movies of the Nazi brown shirts roaming the streets in Germany bashing any one that opposed them

sirskeptic says:

Oh, you must stop calling SJWs autistic. The Autists are on our side, they function from logic and facts. It's the weaponised Autists that have been tracking down bike lock guy and Shia LeFrufru.

The SJWs are on the other end of the spectrum – they are the Borderlines and Cluster Bs.

wally121000 says:

Great news today ! that leftie fucktard Andrew OKeefe has resigned

Josh Morgan says:

Every piece of footage I've scene of protesters looks like the camera is aimed directly at the biggest crowd but they never look like their was more than 50 people. I still think Australia just shits all over the US- in terms of how we respect each other's opinions. A lot of my friends who are left, are pretty open to watching and talking about this stuff and I don't know a single person who gives a shit about PC culture, I actually assumed PC culture didn't exists outside of television and maybe workplace. I thought Milo would be irrelevant here; last week was interesting.

Masterstealthy says:

I have to give you props for reporting over the footage just like a news station. Really added to the video. It'd be funny if you were carrying a big sign past those protesters that said 'G'day Commies, How's it going?' 😛

Carmen Roebuck says:

Leftist calling polish people nazis!!! Bahahahaha!!!

Alex vella says:

don't scratch you nose or forehead or you might be accused of a nazi salute
the left are so sad.

Enigmatic Spirit says:

My new pastime is mocking the left at every oppotunity

White_Shadow_59 says:

SOYBOY, my new favourite term

Gary Slenders says:

Matty. Thanks for the vid. I couldn't go because it was my wife's birthday. I have been following Milo for years and was alarmed at the attempt to ban him. I wasn't sure whether young people thought enough about freedom to bother listening to someone like Milo. How wrong I was. All power to you. And yes we will win

Formless like water says:

Ha ha Antifa women with beards

Jackripster says:

Well done guys, glad you had a great night

im lost says:

great work guys thank for sharing milo's melbourne show

Phillip Mahmoot says:

The MSM in Australia are trying their best to ignore Milo while he is here – it seems their brownshirts did not get the memo.
One morning "news" presenter commented after the protest story "it shouldn't happen in this country", well if we ship all the Marxists out there won't be any of this bullshit imho….

Blayne1973 says:

I was there, and stayed for the African Muslim riot afterwards. No mention of that in the MSM. 200 African savages pelting innocent bystanders and police with bricks and bottles for two hours, yet nobody seems to be reporting this fact. The useless police looked on as several innocent people were beaten up by a rampaging mob, while Assistant (Police) Commissioner Stephen Leane actually had the nerve to blame "right-wing" protesters, Milo Yiannopoulos and the organisers of the event while defending the African mob who perpetrated the entire debacle.

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