North Korean defectors use their most powerful weapon: The truth

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Some who have fled south have tried to send information back home about life outside the repressive regime.


Julio Cabrera says:

This is b.s why called them a defector? How about russia or Chinese they dictators too ever wonder that? #fuckthepoliticalagendawithouttellingthepeople

Feebs MSP says:

2:49 Raise a glass to freedom

Jen Jen says:

I hope one day all North Korean will be living like their South Korean Neighbors. North Korean government are criminals, murderers……………………… We are all people. Why, why why treat human worst than animals in those prison camps.
Pray to your Gods one day no more dictators in the world.

Pedro says:

Juju sell out white washed

Tom McKee says:

Id love for Trump to have this playing on his phone when he meets with Kim. Just awkwardly shoves it in his pocket when he realizes, but its still clearly loud enough to hear everyone talking about how horrible North Korea is

marvelv212 says:

You never hear about the dark side about US but whatever. Blame NK who's country has been invaded and divided by the likes of US and Soviet Union. Their people raped tortured and murdered.

speedometer111 says:

6 people deserve to be thrown into North Korea gulags.

Brianna Wicklund says:

Its illegal to be gay or Christian in North Korea.

킴써니 says:

대한민국 정부와 국민이 나서서
북한을 붕괴시켜야 하는데 어떻게
미국하고 탈북민들이 북한민주화
북한붕괴에 앞장서나 부끄럽다
배부른 개돼지들이 되버린 우리
자아도취에 빠져서 세상이 우리를
중심으로 돌고있다고 착각하는건지
이제 미국은 더이상 망설이지마라
Go Trump north korea attack!!

킴써니 says:

진정한 용자들이다 북한 멸망시키고
한반도를 민주화 시키자!!
대한민국 만세 한미동맹 영원하라
US&south korea we go together

Juan X Palacios says:

May god guide them

Dank Memes Bruh says:

GO TRUMP! He solved an issue 20-30 years in the making that other presidents couldn't solve. He did it in less than what? a year maybe? Lmao Best president EVER He made them drop their nukes hahahah Hillary would have just sold them some uranium.

Gael Marconi says:

Hey you North Koreans stop killing and torturing dogs and cats and eating them. Seriously, get some effing animal protection laws. you and the Chinese are the most evil, most barbaric, most sinister in the world. Your leader believes on this barbaric trade. Seriously, stop killing those animals

Raja's VLOGS says:

Wait, she speaks Korean?

Bopaler says:

Once a year? OMG I just had two eggs for my breakfast. I was literally having their two years of eggs.

Rickys Half says:

yes who could or ever would forget about our marines at the battle of chosin the frozen chosin

Rickys Half says:

i wish whomever was debating me on how bad the people in north korea have it would watch this so they will stop saying its all propaganda

Linda Stonebraker says:

3 dislikes… Kim has 3 YouTube accounts

Katy says:

I lost it when he talked about his brother :'(

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