Students in Florida return to school in emotion

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Parkland trying to move forward as the demand for answers intensifies.


RailFan Connor611 says:

ABC News your descriptions are so short

samuel alley says:

I agree with gun control but I am a conservative. How can that be? You probably guessed that there is a catch here and you would be correct. Control is nothing more than a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun. Sorry kids the good guy in that equation failed you so I am totally fine with your emotion but it should be directed at what really failed; No good guys with guns to stop the bad guys and for that I am truly sorry. You want to be safe? Hire good guys with guns or else more of you will get shot and thats the cold hard facts. Or you can keep crying about laws that you can't change or even If you could change, It would not stop any of these killings. They have laws about drugs; has that stopped drug users, dealers, and drug trafficing??

Conquering God says:

Homeschool anybody? No? Ok

All Starz says:

The narrator sounds like Jake Paul’s Hacker

All Starz says:

I would of left that school

Davon Latimer says:

who cares . kill them all

Julieta Pierrotti says:

My partner and I are film majors and we will be traveling from CU to Washington DC for the March For Our Lives. There we will be filming a short documentary about school shootings and the fight towards gun control. Any support would mean the world to us. For more information feel free to read our GoFundMe story, anything helps. Thank you very much.

Jarhead6 says:

You can witness children being murder and then retired? Wow

Jack Winston says:

We need to take action before this gets any worse

Maggie Komel says:

Savage Kids


If I was there I would be soo sassy

Chandler Ledford says:

These kids are strong, their not letting this stop their education, but I feel bad for the sro officer who resigned, they were put into a situation where they didn’t know what to do, they weren’t expected to know what to do, I understand that, someone shouldn’t have to be expected to know what to do, anyone would have been under pressure, some people have problems with being under pressure

J0hn D0e says:

notice that homeschooled kids don't get shot, let alone mass-shot

J0hn D0e says:

Truth is, chipping away the 2nd amendment will not make schools any safer whatsoever.
Psychopaths don't care about others' lives, but they do care about their own. They know a school is safe for them. They need to know that in a school they're going to be killed under a rain of bullets immediately -no more school shootings ever guaranteed.

That's why there's no mass shootings at police stations or NRA conventions, although they sure have worse psychos hating them than schools.
Schools and clubs should have security controls similar to airports, aside from some armed individuals inside.

Djdiamonds Thomas says:

Why are people shooting nice educated students

J says:

"Nothing is different." Except he'll be protected by 4 or more deputies. LMAO. Maybe that's the way it should've been to begin with. That or put him in a private school where they actually protect your children!

Randy Watson says:

Speaking of video tape how bout u play some of the video of cruz walking around in the school that day or the uber car dropping him off or him in the stairwells or him walking out of the school 'blending in' or him carrying his soft rifle bag. Not a grainy video from a crap camera that shows someone walking with their back to the camera supposedly going to mcdonalds. While your at it throw in some of the vegas footage too. I wont hold my breath

Robina Mohseni says:

build the memorial park where the building used to be.

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