Trump vs. Trudeau on trade

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Donald Trump called Canada a ‘brutal’ trading partner on Saturday. In spite of this, Prime Minister Trudeau managed to avoid a full-blown trade war with the U.S. this week. The CBC’s Wendy Mesley talks to Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland about how Canada may have dissuaded Trump on steel tariffs.
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fomalhaut says:

It is hard to stomach any video or report from CBC. The public no longer supports the network and wants it gone.

Davewindslider says:

Trudeau and past PM's are really poor negotiators. Trudeau and CBC script readers totally missed the national security issue. Trudeau is not a strong leader. Trump is being a good neighbor. Thank you President Trump for schooling our PM.

margareta tola says:

erepsekahs says:

The Canadian Brainwashing Corporation… dumb are they…….Trump will now use the possibility of tariffs to manage and intimidate Trudeau to back down on Free Trade issues. Silly kids. Trudeau being dumb enough to claim a win when all he has done is put himself and Canadian manufacturers even more at a disadvantage as has done Mexico. I guess Trudeau's skills are every bit as clever as Mexico's in bargaining with Trump. The Americans refer to Canada as 'Mexico North." and you can see why.  Trump writes highly successful, internationally acclaimed books such as, "The Art Of The Deal" based on how he became a multi-BILLIONAIRE and Trudeau has never even written a handbook on how to snowboard or become a grade school  supply drama teacher. No wonder one of them is the president of the largest economy in the world and the other the prime minister of a country with an economy just 10% of the other and who just got conned and then laughed out of India, (double the GDP of Canada.).  It's embarrassing and pathetic.

drdecker1 says:

If you want to watch real drama listen to Trudeau. If you want to see how global economics is being played out by the master, watch President Trump. The turn around for Canadians began on Saturday when Doug Ford was elected leader of the Ontario PC Party. Canada is tired of four years of corruption. With a PM who has done nothing but place Canada into a corrupt spending no substance jobless future.

The few jobs which have been created has been mostly created from Alberta oil. Ontario now needs a government who has the ability to create jobs in other sectors outside of it's current realm. This includes resource based initiatives, unlike the no progressive regime under the current Liberal initiative nonexistence plan. Ontario and Canada needs much more than just governments who have leaders who are all talk and have no real action plan that actually works. Which has certainly been exemplified by both the Canadian and Ontario Liberals.

Doug Ford comes in with a business success background, along with his mandate of streamlining government wastage, and overspending. This new beginning along with Doug's pro Canadian American business outlook, may be just the thing Canada needs right now. In order to boost its economic engines, into the next few years of Canadian prosperity. Canada and the U.S, have always worked in unison in exemplifying how real capitalism can thrive, when two friendly neighbors work together. Canada and Ontario is definitely in need of a change of governments.

Mike pech says:

We have to go to a school that has no muslims, and go to the grade one class. You ask the kids, what is 2+2 and what country do you live in, and are you a boy or girl. The first kid that gets it all right, and doesn't say hmmm, huh , ummmm ,we replace Trudeau with him / her. Because we already know the kid is already smarter than him. At least Mr. Trump will have respect for the person he'll being dealing with because they will have a working brain. Even if it chews gum and dribbles a bit of its milk or puts its hand up to ask to go to the toilet.

Henry Townshed says:

What is Canada going to do sell out to the Chinese? Are you guys serious I laughed when she said Justin Trudeau was a strong leader do you think anyone thinks that other than you people? Are you serious Justin Trudeau is respected by who? Tell me who respects Justin Trudeau?? Does China does India

Lucia Harper says:

not much meat in the stew in this piece.

Pat Stevens says:

Our PM is a very strong leader ya right

Sky Floyd says:

IT must of promised Trump the sun, moon, and the stars on NAFTA! Lube up Canda cause Trump Is gonna stick it in.

Jayden Banks says:

Who ever said take a hike on the tariff really doesn't have Canada's best interest at heart. Stop listening to the leftovers and start listening to you business community.

SAM chandler MGTOW says:

Thank you cbc for finally allowing comments on the news you post online.

The liberals did a good job this week, for Canada. I wish Chrystia Freeland could have a little more humility considering the carnage of the past year. First thing thats gone right in 6 months, and with very little input besides phone calls, and here they are patting themselves on the back. Will our government concede the looney cdn asks on NAFTA? I think they will, but you never know when theyll be possessed by their progressivism. This storys not over.

Will Martin says:

Trudope propaganda

Duce1313 says:

To think that PM Trudeau got President Trump to back down is laughable, President Trump is three steps ahead of any foreign leader and PM Trudeau is one of them. Let's talk trade deals, PM Trudeau goes to India and leaves with a 250 Million dollar deal from India and India gets a 750 Million dollar deal from Canada, I wonder who got the better on that deal (Go Team Canada). President Emmanuel Marcon of France goes to India is met by PM Modi at the airport and leaves with a 10 Billion dollar trade deal. President Trump goes overseas to visit allies and comes back with nearly a half a Trillion dollars in trade deals (350 Billion dollars from China alone, 250 Billion in trade deals & 100 Billion dollar in US energy investments), no comparison. President Trump plays the long game, let's see how the NAFTA negotiations go, shall we.

Fitzroy reDeBunkMan says:

CBC…blablabla snoresnoresnore….Phake News

Simpleraven Raven says:

Talks or no talks, Canada should be able to feed itself on its own. That includes energy. Cleaaaan Energy. C. Freeland is an impressive smart tough person.

MC bunny says:

Is that the only dress Freeland owns ?

Lee Johnson says:

Trump is for high Tariffs and No Food Stamps for the Poor.

Jan May says:

Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet have done an excellent job thus far (considering what they have to contend with at the moment). I am disheartened by many of the comments I have read below. Do not allow the illness which has been sweeping across the USA to infect your thinking. We are better than this Canada. Steady as she goes … God Bless.

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