🇮🇳 India’s Forbidden Love : An Honour Killing on Trial | Witness | भारत सम्मान हत्या

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The survivor of a brutal honour killing in India testifies against her parents in the murder trial of her lower-caste husband.

In March 2016, Kausalya and her husband Shankar were brutally attacked on a crowded street in southern India.

Shankar, who came from a lower Dalit caste, died of his injuries. Kausalya survived and accused her parents of orchestrating an honour killing.

Witness follows Kausalya as she fights for justice through the courts, testifying against her parents in a trial where they face the death penalty.

Kausalya’s now-estranged grandparents and brother, Gautham, also await the verdict, desperately hoping Kausalya’s mother and father will be released.

The unique access to both sides shows a family torn apart by a caste hierarchy that remains deeply-rooted in India’s social fabric.

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hafis abdulla says:

Hatts off Al Jazeera…. Brave move

Hussain Jamal senthalaivayal says:

AJ can use to write Tamil launguage instead hindi on the header..

Hussain Jamal senthalaivayal says:

Thanks to AJ has given comprehensive documentary..

Austin Benjamin says:

Great work Aljazeera for covering such heroic activity of women in india.

Nick Nathan says:

third world problems

Kris says:

Get rid of the caste system

siva guru says:

Loads of love sister…

जितेन्द्र गुप्ता says:

muslim family beheaded Bhartiya man ankit for forbidden love, cause her husband/lover was a Bhartiya sampraday vyakti.

Fuzail says:

An asweome documentary… Thanks to Al-Jazeera and the whole team behind this documentary… Such a strong lady and wonderful people around her…

Literally Felicity says:

Wow that sucks, although kudos to that woman for fighting against all this on her own.

yousahdood says:

I can't understand wanting to kill someone. Specially if it's your sister or daughter.
The very idea is beyond me.

Umarfaruk Muthu says:

it s the caste groups that pressure their prents to murder their children.call record of caste groups should b taken nd thy should also b given death penalty or life imprisonmnt

Umarfaruk Muthu says:

big salute to the judge. it s rare to see a judge who goes against casteism as most of them belongs to upper caste they carry their filthy casteism n judgemnts too.

अर्जुन तमांङ says:

Nepal is far better in this case.

Yusuf Musa says:

Her mother is an embodiment of evil,she so blind to the fact that her hatred for another human has caused the death of the guy life and her husband and she has lost her daughter. And she isn't showing no remorse for the guy who got killed and even admits that she would kill her own daughter.

Yusuf Musa says:

Thank you my dear sister for standing up against the injustice. It seem to me from what the older family relative was saying that they had plans for this sister to marry her off to a rich and powerful politician. Wow!!someone who probably was already paying the family money to make her his property, and the parents couldn't follow through because she loved someone else so out of rage and selfishness the parents, well you see what happened.

Da Atheist says:

"The Thevar Community no longer has protection" ஓத்தா நீ சாதி வெறி புடிச்சி கொலை பண்ணுவ அதுக்கு உனக்கு ராணுவ பாதுகாப்பு குடுக்கனுமாடா தேவிடியா பயலே .. Hail Kousalya, Long Live, RESPECT !!! You go Girl !!

praveen kumar says:

see the OLD women and Dying age fukking sticking to caste …shameless society

Yun Fu says:

Lol superpower by 2020 you can tell it’s happening

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