🇺🇳 Syria: US warns it will ‘act’ amid attack on enclave | Al Jazeera English

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The US is calling for an immediate ceasefire in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, and has threatened to act alone if the international community doesn’t.

The situation inside the rebel enclave has been described as “hell on earth” following three weeks of heavy bombing by the government and Russia.

Earlier, rebels and Russia struck an evacuation deal. Russia’s military says so far 76 people have been able to leave.

Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey reports from the United Nations.

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Nomi Y says:

Just destroy the syrian planes if russia wants beef destroy them 2 the world will be on americas side

kir kan says:

Don't watch rt its propaganda – watch fox news, aljazeera, cbs, msnbc, shoot guns, pay tax and blame communists for all sins of humanity……..

Samantha W says:

Haley is a habitual liar…..America has no say regarding what should happen in Syria.

TN sturm says:

US trying to act like i'm the stronger here .. well not anymore

SoCalFreelance says:

Al Jazeera the world needs to watch that AIPAC documentary!! Release it!!

J Loftus says:

Russia's Strategic Arms Are 3 Generations Ahead Of The Most Advanced US Ones -Top Israeli Mossad Boss.

FUmarc says:

It was only a matter of time before the US would reenter the conflict after they ignored the UN one too many times. So much for Putin's "victory".

Kat says:

Thank god for Russia in the Security Council! That resolution would be madness.

cyrus dj says:

kill the americunts

mnguyea says:

The roulette of incompetent characters out is Tillerson and next in line is ol' Betsy followed by another spineless mouth piece is Nikki.

tysswe1 says:

So america is allowed to bomb other nations, but syria is not allowed to bomb the terrorists occupying areas of their countries? If all nusra held areas in the united states, how would america feel if russia, china and india bombed their forces for attacking al nusra and isis on american soil?

Maji Krstophir E'el says:

The American people have become helpless against a treasonous government the republic is dead

Roc says:

American policy is to cripple all middleeastern nations so only Israel makes progress.

Mmm De says:

Nikki Haley is very sexy

Seven Sevens says:

Have to keep Syria de-stabilied for Saudi, Israel and US.


What right does the US have to call another sovereign nation's established government outlaw?

MBANS7A1 says:

They aint gonna do s**t; another Russian veto coming or amendment I should say to weaken the US ceasefire document

roger Brownfield says:

The US military has performance issues. The US military is becoming the dullest tool in the shed, based on results of course. Just a dull over used corporate tool.

john kennedy says:

Haley is a joke. We invaded their country illegally and have zero legitimate business there. We're fighting a proxy war on behalf of the Saudis. pathetic.

PanjshirGuerrilla says:

US will act? what like an evil pnac clown agen
are you going to juggle missiles to intimidate russia and assad to leave ,
they must think evryone in the world is fuking dumb born yesterday
no suker is buying their russia phobic cold war bolshevik propaganda bites
the dog aint wagging its tail ,no matter how many fake false flags you pull

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