🇺🇸 What does Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s sacking mean? | Al Jazeera English

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US President Donald Trump has sacked Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, citing differences, and replaced him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

The move by Trump is the biggest shakeup of his cabinet since taking office.

Al Jazeera’s Marwan Bishara says there was an international campaign to remove Tillerson from his position.

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Xezatt says:

Just like the episodes of the apprentices, he keeps firing people and replacing people, and nothing gets done.

errol m says:

What does tillersons sacking mean? Either trump is so retarded, that he thinks being potus is just another rerun of celebrity apprentice, or every man, woman, child and his dog can expect to get a chance in his cabinet.

sujin raja says:

Usually nobody believe All ja

Rogue Male says:

The trump administration is determined to wipe out any form of independent thinking.

Mr Coffee says:

The White House is no place for mature grown up people .im disappointed with myself for thinking the color of dictatorship is everything but white .america in general and trump in particular is the backbone of dictators .

Ajay Pasricha says:

it means war with Iran.

6packter says:

tillerson went to africa to vilify china and now he is garbage

Arya Pourtabatabaie says:

"Persian Gulf"

Doug Eva says:

If someone is not right then get rid of them. Oboma fired nobody and achieved nothing positive

M 83 says:

I don't see a different between Kim Jong-un and trump. His decorator leader, I never saw to fire any member of his family.

John Nevill says:

"back stabbling, little shrimp"… Love it LOL

marsew12 says:

USA is failed state run by Israel agent Jared Kushner

Bob Beckel says:

This guy knows nothing about America. America is constantly re-inventing itself. America is the economic
engine of the Wolrd. America is defender of the Free World. America is at its best when it is disrupting the
status quo.

Masood Khan says:

He fired him because his master "Israel" said so, specially Netanyahu, he hated Tillerson and his past association with Russia. Israel göt US by the b—s.

Sam Dol says:

You are fired……hahaha…That's what the American get for voting him in

outbacktrek says:

tRex lost Russian oil drilling contracts so mafiaDon fired him4losing trumps kickBacks….

H Q says:

We will see next year this time .

Zaid Ķarp says:

What a Difference between Civil Engineer(4 year), & Real Estate B.A Economic (2 year) Education, American People don't know.We know better than Americans Nation. (Science & Arts.)

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