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Pro wrestling is going global, with market leader World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) pushing into new markets, including the Middle East.

Aspiring grapplers in Qatar are looking to get in on the ground floor, with the opening of the region’s first-ever pro wrestling school.

Al Jazeera’s Fintan Monaghan reports from Doha.

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cuellar4500 says:

Fake I tell you

Jojo Ashland says:

fake sport's strikes again. lol. bad actor's again too. fake bloodshed etc again.

Jojo Ashland says:

fake wwe/wrestling ufc etc again. or forced westernized trash again. lol.

Jojo Ashland says:

fake wwe or fake sports or paid crisis actor's again.

Vladdie777 says:

Can't wait to watch Middle East WWE Divas Undressed!

Fahad Durrani says:

Al Jazeera, they are not the only pro wrestling school in the Middle East. Dubai Pro Wrestling, look it up – www.dubaiprowrestling.com/

Yoosuf Muneer says:

Bunch of ignorant morons in this comment section

Crypto Cam says:

bring back Muhammad Hassan! he'll be the wahhabi wildman

ellax says:

Didn't WWE already had Roman Roids? Why do they still need talents from Middle East?


Wtf dont become like the stupid amerikkkunts

Ath Leb says:

Middle East also = Levant, North Africa, etc. not just the Gulf countries

mz k says:

Stupidity at it's hightest.

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