President Trump destroying CNN for 10 minutes straight

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NEW!! President Trump Destroying CNN for 10 minutes straight over Russia Stories And Fake News Agenda!! He calls them out for ANTI TRUMP guests at this mornings press conference!!!!!!! He Also Lays Into Hillary Clinton And CNN Reporter! BAM!GOT EM!

president trump destroys cnn for 10 minutes straight
liberal cnn reporter
donald trump press conference




DavieBoy248 says:

CNN… How do we make the message simple for you to understand… We hate your lies – We hate your Fake news – We hate your false narratives – We hate your propaganda – We hate your constant manipulation and fabrication of the truth. We all know Trump is far from perfect but your lies, insults, and hatred towards Trump does nothing but give him more credibility. It's almost a game of reverse psychology. The more you lie and spread insults about Trump, the more he wins. When are you going to learn?!!!

nvsbl2 says:

The people DO know when it's fake…..and it almost always is! WE call them FAKE NEWS, and Trump echos us. He isn't the one who told us it was! He just came up with the perfect term

mixer14316 says:

LOL. This guy is the master. LOL!!!!

David Nelson says:

Straight talk is so refreshing. Go Trump!

Robert Zraick says:

Acosta asks Trump if he is undermining the public's faith in the free press.  The free press has done it to themselves.  The liberal Communists may fall for the new hate fest, but more and more people are seeing it for what it is.CNN is a major part of the delusional Communist "progressive" echo chamber.  There are more and more people defecting every day.  Those who continue to mentally masturbate steeped in hatred in the propaganda and lies, are either going to defect or they will crumble into the dust bins of history where they belong.The Communist indoctrination experts in our schools and universities have done enough damage and at least a couple of generations have now been brainwashed.  But the tide is turning.  The signs of it are everywhere.Some of the lost generations will wakeup.  The new generations are already rejecting the BS.  Ron Paul, who was crucified by the likes of CNN, will have the last laugh.  He said that people will choose liberty and freedom over collectivist Communism which offers slavery disguised as a mythical brave new utopia.  I really enjoyed the last election.  I predicted the Trump victory.  He will win the second term.  This is one time that the sequel will be even better that the first election.I am almost sorry to see people like Jennifer Lawrence make a total fool of herself.  She actually believes her own BS.  Pitiful and delusional.  Hollywood is going to go through a complete reform in the near future.  Watch it happen.

Paul Reid says:

Cuckgirl Jimmy Acusturd.

Paul Reid says:

Cuckgirl Jimmy Acusturd.

John Smith says:

can't wait until the time comes when President Trump says checkmate

Roger Rabbit says:

I think people saying that Trump is an evil american version of Hitler are completely wrong, but in the same way radical Trump supporters who think that everything he says and does is God-like and must be correct, just because he does and says it, are equally wrong. President Trump even acknowledges that in this video when he says he just wished the news reported fairly and that he would respect them if they reported fairly even if they called him out if he did something wrong. Its not about agreeing with everything he does, its about saying it as it is, no matter if it's pro- or anti-Trump.

Dank Of England 420 says:

Fuckin hell atleast make it so you can bloody hear what they saying.

Dennis Foley says:

haaaah! 595 down thumbs. They're probably seeing them, clicking the dislike then moving to the next one. Meanwhile the up thumbs 11,000, hmmm, 11,000- 595 =10405. It seems Donny J has made YouTuberis great again, HOOOORAY TRUMP!!!!

iwan willemse says:

just watch these bull comments russians must think were stupid we know u all sit in an office blabbering this rubbish as if it means something In a way it does it shows us how manipulative and simple minded u are . No wonder democracy doent work over there in the cold. I thought it was just the cold but nooo ur just dunmfucks with no morals

Marilyn Dillard says:


Edward Wayne chance says:

Love you President Trump roast cnn and all other anti-American fake news

Joseph Reyes says:

Everyone has a certain right to make an opinion but NOT to manipulate the mind of people into thinking otherwise ( that's criminal ) …siimlpy put Just Tell the TRUTH and let the people deal with it.

Bev Power says:

You are bang on Mr Trump CNN is Fake and sooooooo Hatefull MSNBC not much better. CNN is Anti Trump

Bev Power says:

You Go Trump Give it to Fake news

eric ezaki says:

The responsibility of the press is to report the truth..not create fake news and lies. These guys must lay awake at night dreaming up BS

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