Trey Gowdy Makes MIT Professor Shi* Himself

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trey gowdy takes gruber to task this dude shrivels up


Badpeace82 says:


september luketz says:

Howdy Gowdy! He is the best

B K says:

That guy is an FUC..NG ASSHOLE. GO Mr. Gowdy

razorback144 says:

I don't know of any collage professor that is very smart in the real world.   this fool is a prime example.

kodds 37 says:

Whoops-a-daisy. Haha

Aaron Coulter says:

That dude meant every word that he said. Quite frankly, a lot of what he said was the spot on truth. This interview is a joke. He just wants to lay down and take it in the ass from Congress so they'll let him go and leave him alone.

Rice Sama says:

Honestly the professor is owning up to his mistakes like a man…the congressman just sounds kinda like a whinny bitch.

Patrick EH says:

I didn't know that MIT created a Dept. Of Stupid to have a professor oversee.

Roy Goode says:

does MIT have a lot of dweebs?

Roy Goode says:

if US citizens are stupid, it would be do to our democidal run schools. rude.

MonkeyButt69 says:

Its like dealing with a fucking child christ dude can't even own up to his own shit

Shiloh Soilder says:

This guy is a Fucken Stupid Spinless Pussy Peice Of Shit!!! Way 2 get him Trey…

i know i'm completely retarded, but says:

what a soft cock.

Grey Jay says:

And did Prof. Gruber go right back to MIT, and resume his tenured position, as if nothing had happened? What a contemptible creature he is, and Gowdy was right, to hold his feet to the fire, and expose him as a fraud.

777gailzy says:


Betty McNally says:

Want to see Obama in front of him .why hasn't this happened.

Betty McNally says:

I love this trey he's smart brave don't take crap from now of them
Hope he's very cautious.

Shawana Washington says:

Too bad there's no punishment for Gruber and his buddies. He's not at all embarrassed by what happened. He tries to look sheepish but probably burst out laughing later knowing that MIT will back him and maybe give him a raise. Sad.

not amouse says:

Some people talk out their ass about all sorts of things. Or as I like to say: Some speak and remember, some fart and forget. This professor does the latter.

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