BUSTED! Loudmouth Maxine’s Dirty Secret Inside Her $4.3 Mil Mansion Found After 40Yrs In Congress

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Kara Curry for RWN reports, California State Representative Maxine Waters, a Democrat representing California’s 43rd district and also one of the poorest areas in Southern California ­– sure has managed to amass quite a bit of wealth for herself over the 40-or-so years that she has worked as a civil servant paid by the tax dollars of hard-working Americans.

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jeff jeff says:

her face is offensive.

Ron Gruber says:

She admitted to someone years ago off the Record that she was a tried and true capitalist but that's not what her constituents wanted her to be. Hey Maxi which one of you two lived in government housing? It was Ben

Kit Kat says:

Low IQ Maxine…I didn't say it first. Our MAGA president gave her that name at a rally.

Michael Matus says:

Term limit.

Bill Huber says:

investigate hell , hang the BITCH .

The,Awakened Christian says:

Maxine in love with rothschilds pay green its like a cocaine high …

Tone Rizor says:

Mad maxipad is so ugly when she walked into taco bell everybody ran for the border. The local peeping toms all pitched in to get her drapes

Derek Eldridge says:

Conman Don just made a deal with China to help a phone company get their jobs back in China and Conman Don got money from China developer to build a theme park in Lido.  Ethics Conman Don throws that out the window.  Drain the swamp is difficult when he is filling it with more corruption than we have ever seen before.  Jobs for Americans is a joke as well if it helps his pocket book then jobs for China.

Wayne McDonald says:

who the hell would elect a lyer for forty years people stupid yuppppppp

Wayne McDonald says:

she knows she's on her way out , this is what they do when they lose, look at hillary.this one is no different.and really needs to be told shut your mouth or your gone.she is anyways totaly against the law to represent a district you dnt live in.why are they allowed to get away with this garbage.

James J Hargreaves says:

How did she get the money & re-elected? Corruption …corruption …CORRUPTION! Smith & Wesson!!! ….lol!

L Russell says:


Rachel Walker says:

Those people care nothing about the poor. They are the reason most people are poor!

Celina Sanchez says:


John S says:

Insider Trading is Lawful as Congress Member.

roger bols says:

NO maga in sht cago today, just skys full of disease X.

Eugene Montgomery says:

Maxine Waters for prison she's an enemy to her own race

Mark Smith says:

Give her a tent so she can live with her constituents

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