The Truth About ‘This is America’

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It’s race-baiting, divisive crap.

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Ken Coakley says:

It's ironic that Donald Glover has millions of dollars to his name while I have to scrounge up change to have enough to buy a regular Blu-Ray yet he says I'm the privileged one. What an asshole.

Heu Valadao says:

…merica? This is f*cking America:

Vasken F says:

I hope one day conservatives can overtake the liberal run media. The problem is its so diluted and overpowered that its hard to see that anytime soon. PJW is on the dot when he says we need to find ways to embarrass and expose them overtime. Having Kayne and Candice in mainstream media is a perfect example of what we need more of and I think that liberals converting to conservatives would occur in a parabolic fashion rather than linear.

El Pablo says:

The left does have a death grip on the black population in America. And they do everything in their power to tighten that grip.

Peacemaker without war says:

What about the slavery of the Balkanic nations ,who were oppressed by the Ottoman Turks , which lasted for 550 years?

TJ Libertybelle says:

Blacks are being set up big time. These rich switch-flipping bastards are uber wealthy whites who are deeply, deeply racist. This is a clever way for them to reduce the people who know might stop this NWO death march. They will promptly be reimpoverised once we are gone. Think how the early Irish settlers of America were used as human shields against natives in the western expansion. We cleared the road and behind us they came gobbling up the land.
Now whites are the Iroquois and the same serial killers parlay the spree.
We traded our land for cheap Chinese trinkets at least native Americans got beads.

Eric Arner says:

Haven't watched his retarded video. I don't expose myself to leftist propaganda…. Its poison. And well….lies…..

Stefan Lindbom says:

Fuck that nigger glover

Mitchy H says:

Most ‘stars’ in the entertainment industry are mk ultra slaves and posessed by illuminati frequency conditioning.

Ro Gmz says:

Bad argument given Childish Gambino is himself.. BLACK. And he's the one pulling the trigger

richard rodriquez says:

Interesting. I've saw a review talking about how the video vilified SJW bullshit and pop culture. But what ever.

Dominick Vulpis says:

You have beautiful eyes

074769 says:

West didn't defeat any Communist regime… Communism destroyed itself or reformed itself. Example : China

Will Chew says:


Battlecruiser Plays says:

I didn't interpret glover as white america, I interpreted him as the hypocrisy of race bating.

caitgems1 says:

One of us – one of us –

serpens8 says:

Black Thugs Matter

Marketable says:

The libwitted neo-commies go along to get along. Group-think is so much easier than actually thinking.

jiggums says:

Tbh there is no white people in the music video why do you think it has anything to do with whites. If anything it absolutely represents black on black crime.

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