U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley SHREDS The Security Council….

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Emily Zanotti for the Daily Wire reports, United Nations Ambassador and all-around badass Nikki Haley took her seat on the U.N. Security Council this morning and proceeded to tear the body to shreds over it’s “concern” that Israel was murdering innocent Palestinians just looking to express their frustration by storming Israel’s borders, grenades in hand.

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Tonia Seigler says:

The left CANNOT get their facts straight and still maintain their story. The facts ALWAYS contradict what they're saying so they have to distort or ignore the facts to maintain the narrative.

Ron Gruber says:

Being terrorists is not just expressing your opinion.

Derek Eldridge says:

Conman Don killed these people Gaza.

Disappointed American says:

What makes me laugh is these Rats fucks think PRES TRUMP is aginst woman….look how many 'woman' are in top positions ?? It's ludicrous to think PRES TRUMP is not for woman ..FUCKING braindead mentally challenged idiotic morons! !!

Norma Paulino says:


David Roberts says:

Long ago Hamas showed that part of it's main strategy is to have as many Philistine corpses as possible to pose in front of the cameras. For them, the smaller the better.

utube4ui says:

If you are a true Christian,than ask yourself what the lord Christ would say about all this killings by Israel.

utube4ui says:

If you are a true Christian,than ask yourself what the lord Christ would say about all this killings!

utube4ui says:

If you are a true Christian,than ask yourself what the lord Christ would say about all this killings!

utube4ui says:

I’m sorry Garry but you need to educate yourself on the real villains of the world! May I suggest the “ Talmud “ and “the protocol of Zion”!

utube4ui says:

Israel is no democracy! It is for sure a theocracy mix in with totalitarianism and new world mafia rule!

Brett Nortje says:

It is not a Jewish state – it is a secular communist state that exists on US AID.

Brett Nortje says:

Sorry – can't cheerlead when snipers take out unarmed people. Disgusting.

utube4ui says:

What hypocrite! Israel is the real terrorist! The world needs to wake up about this criminal bully state.

Brett Nortje says:

The MOSSAD founded Hamas as a counterfoil to the PLO. This is a fact. Incontrovertible.

The protestors there who were armed were armed with slingshots. Snipers taking out people at worst armed with slingshots? Murder.

Eric B says:

I don't trust any of the UN ambassadors. They're all Globalists, including Nikki Haley.

Eric B says:

Nikki Haley is a Globalist POS pushing for a WW3 scenario. She also was a "never Trumper" and she's a snake.

Franco M says:

Some say Nikki Haley is a globalist, maybe, but she seems to have her shit together so I don't care if she fucked Daffy Duck, she is in the right place right now doing the right shit…!!! She might be a great post Trump president imo.

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