GOP Leader Trolls Pelosi With Video of Her ‘Endorsing’ Trump Tax Cuts

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Ryan Saavedra for the Daily Wire reports, On Tuesday, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) released a video trolling House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) over the GOP tax bill signed into law last year.

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Jamie Steyn says:

The Democratic Party has really become The Walking Dead. Where are you JFK now that we need you ….. ?

8018bren says:

Sure these liberals crooks in government are going to say whatever they need to say to save themselves even if it means supporting Trumps what trump is try8ing to do. Because the midterm election is coming up in November and they do not want to lose the house and senate to conservatives which will help Trump to make America great again.

Kenneth Mccann says:

Why is this stupid fool in office Why don't she get put out for being a stupid PIECE OF SHIT! !!

Greg Raines says:

The tax cut is increasing the deficit. Deficits should be reduced in good times, not increased. That's nice to saddle our kids with our burdens. Bad policy.

Ron Gruber says:

Several people have done this but what I find funny is how fast the left-wing cockroaches are running from Aunt Nancy on this. Most of them are all for the tax cuts and they're running that way. Once again proving liberals always move completely to the right to get votes and then move completely to the left when they're voting

Mike M says:

She is retarded mentally ill and on massive antidepressants Prozac also drugs and she is a alcoholic .

Lori Babich says:

They don't pay for any thing they are suppose to be public servants and they are millionaires. They sell their votes to the highest lobbyist bidder. They are obstructing pres Trump because they don't want him exposing just how crooked all of these politicians are .

R J says:

Investigate nutty nancy!!!! and her buddy mad maxine…

Jason D says:

But libtards don't want a job they want homelessness. But then their thought process is if you tell someone to get out of their business then how can you stay open to make any money.

John Peters says:

Nancy talks republicans win keep talking nancy but dont forget your meds

sam cullin says:

This is Mint.

B g says:

this was before the ding bat realized that would result in less money in her thieving pocket. her net worth, 120 to 140 million. Our tax dollars hard at work.

Frank Bolson says:

Hey Nancy ,,,,, Your Boobs are getting to be Bigger that your empty Head. What a useless ugly POS… Her age and I.Q. are tied !!

Lady Jenny says:

Thanks to Trump I got another bonus and a merit raise. Yes, the country is going in the right direction.
Regardless if you love him or hate him, Trump has improved the economy.

Gary Chandler says:


Uprising Patriotic says:

Democrats rely on their voter base being uninformed, and emotionally charged with hate…..All of the sudden
Here comes CNN with the Trump is a "Racist" 24 hour coverage.
With Twitter and FaceBook banning Conservative News and ideas.
But the democrats, even with all the media one sidedness, have a problem, you can only keep people Uninformed and asleep for so long before they begin to see the writing on the wall and recognize their true enemy, You see Democrats don't gain voters, they have to continually get new voters and shit on the ones that flipped and realized already, hence the fight to flood America with illegals, this is a way to continually get new sleeping voters that haven't recognized their evil ways, Democrats will destroy the COUNTRY before they willingly give up power and admit defeat, THEY MUST BE STOPPED, THEY TRULY ARE AMERICA'S ENEMY ALONG WITH THE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR MEDIA

VictoriaRae Hope says:

30 Million Dollars! WOW. I think my bank account has a hole in it somewhere. Maybe I should place it beneath Nancy's bank account.

Michael Healy says:

She can't lie when the fact's are in plain sight.

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