Severe Line of Storms Over Lake Superior Created Meteotsunami

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A severe squall line of storms raced through the northeast Tuesday May 14, 2018. Not only did these storms produce flooding, damaging winds and a few tornadoes, but also a phenomena called a meteotsunami.

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Niki From Texas says:

Thankyou, Dahboo7… stay safe, Brother!

The Unindicted Coconspirator says:

Rogue waves a few years ago.

carwe sumner says:

You are damn good friend. Light one uo tonight.

kat Mats says:

I grew up on Superior. She can become very violent.

Shawn Salerno says:

Are you actually buying this bullshit?? It’s called a pole shift is slowly taking place and displacing water

Bill H says:

I grew up on Lake Michigan and I had never heard of meteo-tsunamis until recently. Just like I had never heard of a polar vortex until a few years ago.

dps92964 says:

Is this what happened last night in New Jersey ?

Red Beard's Corner says:

Hey Dahboo, what's the scoop on your coverage of the Dark Sky training event?

Dina Eddy says:

Hi Dahboo, we were out on Lake Erie years ago when out of nowhere a storm came up and we had waves coming over the sides, up into the boat, and it was really scary. I was a little girl then, and although our family frequently went boating and use to being out on different lakes, as well as being good swimmers, it was the scariest time out in the water I think we ever had, or have had since then! Of course Lake Erie isn’t as big as Lake Superior, we ended up having damage to the propeller and had a hard time getting to shore. I thought about the mysterious large ship incidents out on the Great Lakes, like the Edmond Fitzgerald, I wonder if they experienced bad weather, something like what your talking about. Did you hear of any reports of people being out on the water, needing help during this storm ?

Richard Garriga says:

The Gales of november is coming early this year.

KRidler I'm famous says:

I was told by an astrologer to take note of where severe storms etc take place around the world between the 14-16th most particularly because Uranus is moving into the sign of taurus (tropically) out of Aries and this is going to shake up the earth a bit since the taurean energy is fixed and earthy and Uranus demands change and even revolution…. look into it!

RustyOfThePast says:

if i read the chart right the wave rose less than .1 meter. ten centimeter?

Gypsy Willows says:

Hmm Wisconsin having blackout drills

DeYoRa 84 says:


Infinite Symphony says:

hithe or hite?

kd0dxn says:

I used to live there and even in the beginning winter the waves are high along the shore. Meteotsunami is for real!

The Great Cornholio says:

Fake news. Put some liberals over there, and if the storm swallows em up…I MIGHT believe you. We may have to try again to make sure test results were accurate…

Laurie Auld says:

This could have been what swallowed the Edmund Fitzgerald. Still no answer why it went down.

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