The Legendary thief is the pickpocketer of the USSR Бродяга

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Бродяга – Hobo,Tramp, runagate, landloper..
Zaur Magomedovich Zugumov.
A member of Russian Union of Writers and Journalists. Born 1/06/1953. Author of multiple books.
After his last incarceration was deported from the country, where he began working on his first book, “ Vagrant”. In 2001, after “ Vagrant” was published, he was invited back into the country. His following books were published back in Russia.
The criminal world of USSR and everything connected to it was always a grim side of our lives, hidden behind a heavy veil of secrecy. Many people at the time tried to unveil it, but most of them ended up paying for these attempts – some of them with their freedom, and some even with their lives. It would seem that such a desire to tell the truth about lives of the inmates, about their pain and suffering, would interest many people, but alas! Some home-grown gold digging “authors” in their novels spiked this scarcely known side of life with their lies and made-up stories so badly that I had no choice but to take up the quill.
I had spent about twenty five years in the dungeons of the Gulag, more than half – in a cell confinement system. My honestly-lived life in a criminal world gives me the right to tell readers the truth about all the hardship I had to endure. I am confident that in this book, everyone can find some food for sought – starting with youngsters hiding out with a spliff, and up to a higher police officials. This book will tell you about the route from evil to good, from lie to truth, form darkness to light.
Zaur Zugumov.
At the moment I raise funds for the translation from Russian into English.
Donate to translate a book if there is a desire 😉


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