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The third round of talks aimed at averting a trade war between the world’s two largest economies is under way in Washington.

The US and China are threatening to impose tariffs on each other’s imports – unless a deal is reached in the next month.

Al Jazeera’s Adrian Brown looks at why the US is wary of China’s hi-tech strategy.

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Spaceballz123 says:

China doesn't innovate, they steal

ovoxomcful says:

They have US to thank for having technology. China doesn't need to share, but I'm sure we shared because we want other countries to advance for the betterment of humanity. Take the facial recognition software for example that president xin uses, during the mid-1960s Woodrow Wilson Bledsoe who is american (last I checked) started making that software. Also there's anti-facial software to block it from recognizing your face in case no one knew.

Robin Hood says:

China for Human Development and USA for Zionism Implementer

mo weike says:

This is not China, it is India superpower by 2020

Jose Kho says:

Just marvel the Chinese innovations to leapfrog its current technology hurdle from west dependence. I may not agree with their bogus nine dash line in south china sea, but it got my vote for their being strong will to stand strong and not let it get bully by U.S. foreign policy.

Toni ToO HuMaN says:

That s all the USA can do against China or Russia technological advances.yo worry.their is nothing else broke USA can do but to claims fake acussasion and try to create some kinda conflict.the USA is a pefhatic nation.

blendedtonesable says:

Well U. S. companies did take their merchandise blueprints over there. It is to be expected.

Abdul Hadi says:

Inside MH370 has a chinese technology…

Assasin by Mossad Hamas member in Malaysian
Also has a technology that collaborate with Turkey.

tino v says:

US all is worried about is where to start a new war and sell weapons…..

davmanx says:

US reckons American Supremacy is nigh.

ahvidaneidavirgilluminous says:

If the Chinese could “replace” silicon valley, silicon valley jus another Detroit. The West no longer in the driver seat aka doomed… good luck, it might sound like a depressant but not much there for me to say

Trendingz 11 says:

bias reports

Noel Relova says:

why the US will worry? most of their advance technology are copied from America.

master blaster says:

Xi is a great president

ekoibnu fattah says:

are every country must be stupid one and only trump is the smart one? thats not how you have a relationship.

Righteous 1 says:

US is super jealous.

Chelos Los says:

china tecnology copy faste..

Roman Magar says:

China is the New Superpower of 21st century.

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