Alex Jones And Milo Storm Google HQ

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Alex Jones And Milo Storm Google HQ
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Danny Knapp says:

You call police and they show up…. it's mind-boggling Milo.

B M.C. says:

JONES and MILO obvious nazi invasion

buzzy181 says:

The salesman didn't wanna shake Milo's hand

Yoo Hoo says:

6:04 thicc blacc wo(man?)

DarthLancerr Hateious says:

that was an awesome vid loved every min of it such energy it was great you and milo definitely need to do this more 😀 Hell Yeah Pumped

Legacy-ZA says:

Ask these devices from Google and Amazon: "Who is Jesus" they don't comply. They can tell you about any other religion though.

(Psalm 14:1)
The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, They have done abominable works, There is none who does good.

(Matthew 12:39)
But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas

Rockstago says:

It has to be so threatening to the elites that Alex and Milo are immediately recognized by random people just walking by! Keep up the good work guys! I love that just your presence is causing them sleepless nights and you are such a threat you are ejected from Google on sight while simply talking to the staff there! You guys are DANGEROUS!!

Bob Hoelle says:

They lie because they are products of their father Lucifer who is the father of lies. Examples are Obama, Clintons, entire democratic party, at least 1/3 of Hollywood. They are committed to being Luciferians and have no problem with their immoral actions as they have no morals. The fact that they sacrifice children, drink their blood and are pedophiles.

Bob Hoelle says:

I have never liked Google and probably never will. They are a disgusting organization and infringe on out personal lives for the benefit of oppressive liberals.

Conscious Vibrations says:

Milo looks lightyears bettr than when he was on Joe Rogan last. Way more mature. Think when he said that about pedophiles and got that blow back he grew up fast

Conscious Vibrations says:

Yo i feeel bad for that first guy they ambushed lol he had no idea and didn't deserve that man… he's just doing a shitty job he looks like he'd rather not be doing like most americans

downfan1 says:

Alex is drinking and driving…lol. he did a shot right before he got in the car no? There gonna give him an ovi one of these days cause everyone hates him so much they could call police ahead of time before he went into the bar. that guy can't remember the fucking email? Weirdo alert! I love Alex too but i wouldn't be that annoying. Lol. Alex is such a nice guy. So is Rob.

Erick McNerney says:

I'm glad they're down to earth and that they are willing to talk to average people on the street.

Jeffrey Selbst says:

What did that fat fuck think he accomplished? Idiot.

Michael Lamont says:

How did they get police soooo fast?

wendyluvsmj says:

Daniel: "Is this Infowars?… Are you Milo Yiannopoulos?.. WTF!" trippin' LOL

2 62 says:

upset one of their head cockatoos ??

William Henwood says:

Why are you not on BitChute?
I watch U on GAB as well!
Search engines are dangerous as it is too easy to block information
Milo is right we all need to stop using these dangerous sites.

William Henwood says:

Great reporting
Is GOOGLE the deep state?
Time to break the company up.

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