China Reportedly Offers $200BN Trade Deficit Reduction

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While President Trump warned during a Thursday press conference that a trade deal with China is far from guaranteed, it appears the White House might have won at least one concession during talks with Vice Premier Liu He Thursday afternoon.

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Q says your fired Dapoo!!!!

sharon anderson says:

Am I the only one who has a problem with this? To forego sustainable energy to support fossil fuel? If tht does not scream bribe and collusion nothing does. Thank you for bringing this to my attention dahboo.

Life-Row-Toll says:


shining whitelight says:


Max Ken says:

Nice one once again but the true people and businesses effected will not see a sent of it, hopefully now it may stop, go Trump

WolfRiverProductions says:

Tell the Fed Reserve to F off. We'll mint our own money interest free.

Green Mt Roamer says:

Trump, Making America Great Again!!

Diane Lang says:

How does THAT add more jobs or keep production here or bring it back.??? It's a subsidy to govt and business BUT working class hardly benefits!!

Immaculate Heart says:

Hell no, every year they suck up at least 890 billions according to the records. But I believe it's more than a trillion each year and just added those up for several decades. They suck all the blood out of Americans and took away our jobs and stolen our intellectual high profile properties.

If they can not be honest in doing business with us, tell them take a hide. They need us more than we need them. Corporations need to take the money and talents back home and begin to rebuild our country. We have built many third world shitholes in the world to superpower and negligence our own children and our future as a sovereign nation.

So stupid, now it's too damn late. For 50 years the government had done a damn thing to fix the problem. Now Trump have to stick out his neck and make a correction once and for all and that I give him a credit for that.

k max says:

Exchange of Property. A transaction wherein parties trade goods, or commodities, for other goods, in contrast with a sale or trading of goods for money. An exchange of property is a type of barter contract, applicable only to agreements relating to goods and services, not to agreements involving land.

k max says:

So Burger King and McDonald's made an exchange. I wonder if shares of stocks were transferred thru their agents? I bet the Central Bank of the People's Republic of China and the Central Bank of the United States are tickled.

Gene Hamilton says:

U.S. owes Who ??? The People .

Mark Soto says:

WOW!!!!! Making big moves

Theron Mclauchlan says:

Gooho gohooooo goohoo goohoo gohoooo Donald trump do that shit.

I'm Cheech says:

The true fact of the matter is the United States is probably the only Nation that really does not need global trade… We are capable of making everything we need for ourselves.
Before someone makes an ignorant uneducated remark, look into it if you haven't and you'll see how correct I am.

Ahch Ahmawah says:

Drop in the bucket sucka!!!!!

Daily News Grind says:

Hmmm. Nice chunk of change. But I haven't done any numbers math. But a good jesture is a good jesture.

Bitcoin Baller! says:

Better than anything the globalist puppets before him ever got back

So Ready ToGoHome says:

Say hello to your new masters. When you can't pay your debts in full, you will become a debt slave. Privatized prisons were guaranteed 95% fill rate. What do all Americans have in common? DEBT.

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