Haifa the forgotten Palestinian city | Al Jazeera English

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This Palestinian family produced an abundance of goods from Haifa, until their homes and factories were destroyed by Israeli settlers.

Lost Cities of Palestine shows rarely seen archival footage of forgotten Palestinian cities before the creation of Israel.



Kazarin100 says:

The residence of a tenant in an apartment does not make him owner of the apartment

Ashish says:

We can thank the Ottomans and the British for this.


Langauge tone is dreadful….

Unknown Blogger says:

We will never forget the massacre of Shabra and Shatila

The One and 0nly says:

Where is the us AIPAC documentary and why delete my comment

Righteous 1 says:

The translation is not very accurate i see some stuff left out.

Righteous 1 says:

I am Palestinian and my grandparents are from Haifa.
sadly now i am a refugee.

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