🇪🇸 Spain will take in ship with over 600 refugees and migrants | Al Jazeera English

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Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has agreed to take in a rescue ship that is drifting in the Mediterranean Sea with more than 600 on board.

Italy and Malta had refused to let the boat – operated by French charity SOS Mediterranee – dock after it picked up the mostly African refugees and migrants in a rescue operation.

Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego reports.

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Pain the world can't get rid of. says:

Treat humans with humanity. We all will age,die and leave this world.

taraterm3 says:

Spain is in big financial trouble, Where are they getting the resources to support these people, plus, now that they have been accepted, watch another 10 boatloads come in.


Stupid Spanish government, profligate with Spanish taxpayers' money. Keep them or send them back but don't transfer to other EU countries!

Alexander Posadas says:

I say lets take africa and keep then out

Edward Muigai says:

They are all from French colonies. Blame France for the migrants, they still draining their African colonies

Dylan Ward says:

Send them back

Damian Houlihan says:

Keep them out, hopefully the boat will sink

Deplorable Patriot says:

All men ? Where is the woman . cowards. Kill them all.

Thomas Matteo says:

Well done Italy.

Brian Mccorry says:

Sink the boat! Save Europe!

Truth Warrior says:

I dont understand with these migrants.. They tought by entering Spain, they will meet their paradise and find a good job… Spain's economic is collapsed already, 40 percent unemployed.. And do u think you will find an easy life there??

CarilletaReach says:

I'm male from Spain and first, these are not refugees, they don't come from any country in war or any country which have an old relation with Spain. Second, the new government whom has took the congress in Spain is openly socialist, so if in its first month they are doing this, I dont wanna see what they do in 2 years, the rest of their govern period. Third: Channels like this is controlled by countries which have better resources and share ideas and religion with many of these inmigrants, why do those countries blame the western nations for a lack of solidarity when they don't even let them pass to their more adecuated nations? A shame of a world.

Robbie Knight says:

Send them to islamic lands!! NOT europe!!

Robbie Knight says:

Goodbye dumb spain!! thats an invasion.. 80% men!! they will destroy spain. Stand strong italy.. turn them away!

exile 5707 says:

Europe is already dead. Who cares.


RIP Spainistan

Nutrollio Nutz says:

Black people are useless.

panos volos says:

Refugees go to dubai they are Muslim, Arabs, you will feal like home there.

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