🇮🇶 Iraq needs $90bn to rebuild after 15 years of war | Al Jazeera English

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Entire cities, including western Mosul and Ramadi, have been destroyed in the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group in Iraq.

The Iraqi government says large-scale reconstruction across the country hasn’t started yet because it doesn’t have the money.

About $90bn is needed to rebuild the country after 15 years of war since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, but Iraq’s allies pledged only $30bn At a donor conference in February.

Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford reports from Iraq’s capital Baghdad.

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SAADOUNI El Mahdi says:

The responsibe for this must rebuild this.
This is simple.

Henok Adane says:

Wow. I’m just amazed on how the old woman said the community is fasting despite their severe conditions. May Allah be with you.

EL Fugitivo says:


Kian M.Tamar says:

They are so happy the US liberated them.

mahadzir abd karim says:

stay away from loan with interest (RIBA) !!!

jay fawn says:

90 billion is huge sum of money. It will surely went to corrupt government officials or worse in the pockets of terrorists

A H says:

Stop complaining Iraqis ……built your country from scratch , its hard but its the only way ….dont depend on anyone …..remember who destroyed you and with that anger ,you will find your motivation.

Hilarious Skits says:

Maybe the countries that ruined Iraq pay 100% of the $90 billion dollar fine its fair.

Mauro Guerreiro Veloso says:

Who will pay the Country's infrastrucure destruction? This question would be asked to americans and englishs or at ask to Mr. Bush and Mr. Tony Blair about these terrible problem that they made.

Joseph Ybarra says:

If they do receive the $90 billion, where is the money going to go anyways? To the pockets of politicians? Weapons? Off-shore bank accounts?

Honor says:

It’s not time to rebuild.Unite Iraq first.

MBANS7A1 says:

lol..even more than Jordan's debt

C Rod/ Team Footage says:

Ask HRC and the weathermen.

براہمداغ says:

Unify Iraq and Syria into one democratic Secular country already!

Donald Boss says:

bhus destroyed iraq.if Saddam exist this will not happen

Seven Sevens says:

Ask Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia and western pals.

Emperor Palpatine says:

Vodka and Hamburger make a mess and Dim-Sum can clean it !

land warrior says:

iraq was once a centre of civilsation, but after following arab culture they became a battleground and it will continue to be as it is

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