Crowd Gathers At Bill Clinton #MeToo Protest, Austin TX

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Bill Clinton RAPED The American Dream from 1993-2001! What hasn’t he RAPED? Answer: CROOKED hillary!

Jess Growney says:

Not to at all defend Clinton, but a big difference is Bill Clinton is charismatic and Harvey Weinstein is a sleeze.

Terrance Goodall says:

Owen, thanks for exposing the cocaine trafficking and the murder of the 2 boys in Arkansas. Clinton Crime Cabal will pay for this an hopefully soon. And people are fools not knowing about Clinton's philandering and his 26 trips on the Lolita express. Also important is his rapes while he was at Oxford.

Ascending Libra says:

I love how alot of these extreme leftists are trying to say white people commit the most rape and abuse on women, but really we are still the most chivalrous people . We created it. They need to take a good look in the mirror

Steven Anthony says:

I hope you all know that comet pizza has some seriously bad stuff going on there . You do not have to believe me and say “oh it’s a false flag” but believe me your wrong if you think comet pizza does not play a role . That’s all I have to say

insertpienow says:

Rapists Need Love To

tiborvivi says:

Klintong is a rapist and thief!

Michael The Archangel says:

WOW A Great Day For Mankind. Congratulations to Chairman Kim Jong Un and President Donald J Trum

Michael The Archangel says:

Joe Seales Chairman Kim Jong Un said…we had to address OLD Prejudices. along the way to get here. The emphasis is on OLD. Kim's Father & Grandfather. Could it be that Chairman Kim Jong Un who his 40 years younger, thru his Korean Culture wants to show President Trump the same respect as he would his Father & Grandfather

chauncey the gardener says:

the Clintons are deplorables

chauncey the gardener says:

why would Bill pay 850.000 dollar fine to a woman if he didn't rape her ??? she wouldn't get a dime if it wasn't true and that wasn't the only woman he raped
and Hillary is the biggest womanizer for destroying these woman's lives

Marie Lochhead says:

I won meet and greet tickets to his Vancouver show. Confronting him

chauncey the gardener says:

why is it that bill Clinton can rape woman but they crucified bill Crosby ?

James Herrin says:

globalists & alien races from diverses cosmos want to enslave the human race through the new world order on planet earth & administer the satanic belief systems in the whole world.

Robert Helring says:

The Clintons are pure evil

Jan Delisle says:

what a shame that we condone president Clinton I wouldn't buy his book or paid $0.10 2 hear him speak

freebirth2005 says:

where in the world is Obama!

Christopher Rodriguez says:

Born in SA ,lived 10 years in Mexico . Austin makes me sick.

thatican says:

I bet cnn won't cover this lol.

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