Dinesh D’Souza Discusses the Pardon

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TeabaggersSUCK1 says:

Deport the brown SCUMBAG

Dark Dan says:

I hear a dog whistle…this admitted criminal is what is wrong in America.

Don Braugh says:

First time I'd heard anyone say the president has ADD but I think it may be a legitimate claim! I have ADD and see some traits in him.

Julie Roop says:

We the people feel the same way. In the courts now there is no truth no justice. Settle ninety percent of cases with plea deal. If you have a real defense or innocence they add charges until you give up. No freedom, No Justice unless you have unlimited money and connections.

Keith Godown says:

Of all the people that deserve a pardon, Dinesh would have been my first one.

Peter-john De Jong says:

It was the right thing to do,

B M says:

Great…an annoying but mandatory THOT on the stage….

AJ K says:

I’m glad Dinesh was pardoned

Dr Bhokal says:

Dinesh in Hindi means The Sun.. he rose again.. 🙂

Carmine Parente says:


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