Milo Yiannopoulos Shouted Out Of Bar By DSA

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Conservative writer and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was forced to leave a bar in New York City Saturday after a crowd chanted “Nazi scum get out.”

Videos show the crowd repeatedly chanting the phrase while the former Breitbart News editor is seen standing in the corner of the bar. He left the bar soon afterward.

The videos identify the chanting group as members of the Democratic Socialists of America…

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Kagan Roy says:

milo is a douchebag and a hypocrite but i dont think he's a nazi

Cooks With Spoons says:

Yes, every time you see a racist in public, do this! Duh.

And no, you don’t seem torn. You are solidly defending these a-holes.

MWhaleK says:

This is about the only way that people like Milo Yiannopoulos will ever be held accountable. Also Kyle is engaging in false equivalence, Milo is a wealthy person with some real influence and not some average bigoted dumb fuck who will never probably never be recognized as such.
Further more just because liberals will never get rid of all bad people doesn't mean you shouldn't push back against them when and where you can even if it means being a dick. Because you know what? @$$holes tend to get $h!t done (even if it's often bad things) and one of the reasons that so many conservatives are in power is because they are @$$holes who aren't afraid to be confrontational and push for what they want no matter what. TR, FDR and LBJ got so many good things done exactly because they were wiling be dickish.

Nick says:

An atheist, a vegan and a cross fitter enter a bar … I only know because they told everyone within 2 minutes

Antonio Marron says:

He is apart of the Nazi alliance and a triator! Take him away!

hydraelectricblue says:

Oh that's ridiculous, Milo is just a hustler he's playing a game. Love him.

Dani says:

He deserves it.

Venim850 says:

Emotionally unhinged leftists can't argue so they screech like rabid monkeys.

Ray Jay says:

Is Kyle a Nazi now?

Conor Rosenberg says:

Nazi: "National Socialist"
Nazi in today's world: "Everyone I Disagree With"

John Smith says:

A bunch of privileged Manhattan communists aren't going to respect norms of decency. The right needs to take indelible note of this when dealing with these cretins.

steven hudson says:

You would never see Milo Yiannopoulos and his friends chanting "Leftist scum get out, leftist scum get out". This is just another huge victory for a rational free-thinking individual and it drags the dumb leftist argument just that little bit more into the mud. Childish, weak, stupid and completely unfair behaviour.

Brandon Brophy says:

If he's just eating lunch, how about just starting a conversation with him and say you don't like the way he enabled white supremacists?

Some Random Fellow says:

It's disturbing so many people in the comments are for mob rule. You are naïve. You can't just prevent political discourse and free speech and expect it not to come back to bite your own ass too in the end. Read some history for fucks sake.

mjr256 says:

Comparing Milo to just any random people who happen to be Republican is a massive false analogy. Milo made his bed; now he has to lie in it.

joseph fletcher says:

I think that pub could do with a few more England flags.

poolplayer poolplayer says:

The left wing are the ones against free speech!! Kicking a gay,Jew conservative out of a bar is fascist!! Hypocrite's!!

Alain Broogal says:

When Milo and co said there should be no safe spaces I think it was pretty clear to anybody with an ounce of intelligence that he was specifically talking about university campuses and other learning institutions that should be a free market place of ideas, where you go to be exposed to ideas that challenge you thinking not places where you are protected form any ideas that make you feel uncomfortable or unsettled. He never implied by his words or actions that 'no safe spaces' meant you could happen upon anybody anywhere and hurl insults and nasty names at them until they had to leave because enjoying your food and drink would be virtually impossible in such an atmosphere. Milo never did anything like this.
As far as as Milo being a really really bad and odious person goes, the fact is, what he's meted out to the left is no worse than the insults, sarcasm, ridicule and mockery that has been and still is meted out to conservatives by left leaning comedians.Trump is portrayed as a moron and his supporters are portrayed as feral low IQ rednecks on daily basis. The left has become so narcissistic that it only feels its own pain and clearly thinks it's feelings are the only ones that are important.
Milo is loved because he wasn't intimidated by the lefts ridicule and self righteous shaming and and doubled down and fired back in the face of it rather than back down and go into apologetic mode. Same reason Trump is loved.

Steven stott says:

Those pricks

Evan Scott says:

When has Milo or some well known group associated with him shouted out somebody from a restaurant or other establishment while dining or having a beer?

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