Miss America No Longer To Be Judge On Attractiveness (FULL)

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Paul Joseph Watson joins the Alex Jones Show to discuss the swimsuit competition being removed from the Miss America Pageant, the political revolution going on in Italy, and how political correctness has gone too far.

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Sam Keiser says:

I don't think he understands morality. Also stop complaining about transgender people existing, there isn't a single reason being transgender is wrong.

Sam Keiser says:

The main problem I see with Mrs. America before it changed wasn't the issue of role models but one of gender roles. The contestants are seemingly objectified. Also why should someone be ahead of others based on their looks. I would much rather have someone of good character receive a reward instead of someone who is considered attractive.

Sam Keiser says:

The longer this goes the stupider paul gets. He plays a clip of Mrs. Carolina saying some dumb stuff and then says, "well no one cares what comes out of their mouths" without realizing that that's part of the issue. Mrs. America is supposed to be the most attractive person in America when they aren't seen as anything more than a pretty object it becomes a problem. If no one cares what they say then it's a problem. It's like saying "it doesn't matter who you are or what you say I only care about how attractive you are." He is basically say the problem is the reason the of the problem is ok.

Sam Keiser says:

Paul I could write an essay on how stupid you are. Who gives a crap about what people do with their own bodies, transgender people don't force other people to be transgender. Humans have a right to property which includes their body, you don't control what other can and can't do with their own body you transphobic idiot. Stop being so butt hurt about a beauty pageant Just because people aren't being judged on their outer appearance. To judge someone on outward appearance is to say their value as a person is measured in part by their attractiveness. It is sort of sad that you can't see that a persons character matters much more their appearance.

Sam Keiser says:

This guy is really butt hurt.
Feminist don't want to ruin the lives of men Paul, they just want to get to a point where men and women are treated like equals. While their are irrational feminists you can say the same about every group. You and Alex Jones for example think that Hillary Clinton is an evil globalist and that every world government s being controlled by this make-believe organization. And I am not saying that Hillary Clinton isn't evil and shady but you guys act as if all feminists hate men and want to ruin their lives. My older sister is a Feminist and she doesn't ever plot to ruin me and brother's lives or talk about the patriarchy. I feel like the contestants should have control of what they are rated on, because I don't know about you but I would feel awkward if I had to model in a swimsuit, and then I was rated as a object based solely on my looks. He also complains that "anyone can win" even though their are still judges, these people wouldn't be rated on nothing. If a "fat hairy man" won then it would be a "fat hairy man" with a beautiful heart.

Paul take this rocket ship for you hurt butt.

Sam Keiser says:

Paul I made you a rocket ship.

Sam Keiser says:

the Olympic Games comparison makes no sense.

In the beauty pageant scenario judging someone based of attractiveness is mostly subjective. It's all based on the opinions of the judges.

In the Olympic Games however their are people who are objectively the best at the sport. The judge's opinions don't matter.

Shouldn't Mrs. America be someone who is great in character. To call someone Mrs. America based on their physical appearance is to say that the ideal woman is one who looks the most attractive rather than someone who actually has good character traits.

Paul Joseph Watson is utterly utterly stupid. He's basically complaining that women wanted to stop being rated on physical attractiveness like objects by some judges.

Sam Keiser says:

I hate how this asshat basically said "oh these girls don't want to be rated on physical appearances, well then their stupid." Also so what if the show fails after they stop rating appearances, what if you were a comedian who told a bunch of racist jokes but then you realized that being racist is messed up, would you continue to tell the racist jokes. Most likely you would stop.

Republic Command says:

That is not political correctness. No wonder there is a Trump cult. It's all about appearance instead of real research and awareness.

Raymond P. Kot II, Esq. says:

Lets start our own.

See There says:

Wow sad that people believe it's appropriate for young women to make their bodies and looks should be the reason they are rewarded. Pure evil

Andrew Duis says:

Bring on the big White Bread…I like them 300 plus because there smarter…are better cooks..and warm up my sheets at night…who needs a slender, curvy figured girl who looks hot in a bikini anyway…..?

Professor Griff says:

because this is important…fuck outta here INFO WHORES and all who support Shill Watson and Fatman Jones…

Lindy McDonald says:

They are only doing this so ugly black women in wigs can enter Miss America,or so transgender freaks can also enter

Roman Darius says:

Insane! Insane! Insane!

laserus3333 says:

If Libtards ran The Miss America pageants the Contestants to qualify must need a forklift to even get them there, due to their mass and density.The stage would need to be structurally reinforced to prevent collapse.And they must secretely have a penis.

KevinMooreFan33 says:

If you need a reminder of one thing that represents what America's about, go watch the beginning of Ironman 2. It's ok America to celebrate physical beauty! And yes I am a girl! Important message below.
Paul I know these comments are long I apologize.
My dad told me a story of how he was in the same situation as the man in the car. The gang of men had parked their car in front of his with their headlights on. So my dad then took his pistol out and put it up on the dash where they all could see it. They got back in their car and left. Go 2nd ammendment! 😀

Neo says:

It's going to allow trannies next, and then they will judge it on the cleanest shave!

L says:


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