Red Pill PJW (2015) VS. Blue Pill PJW (2018)

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Don’t be a snowflake, it’s just banter. 😇


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TheTwilitHero says:

He even has a blue pill haircut now. Jeez.

Danny T says:

PJW is

raccoon productions says:

Blame the first generation

Chris Guess says:

PWJ stopped taking his super male vitality pills!

Maya Turnnow says:

There's some truth to both views

Baz Kannon says:

Damn what a hypocrite.

MalcolmRandall says:

For the longest time, I thought PJW needed to leave Alex Jones and Infowars, for Alex was too crazy and nonsensical, and was holding PJW back…….now I see that PJW is now too far gone as well.

Mr. Ras Lyon says:

Very good Monkey! Bravo! I prefer RP PJW. But then, I wish he'd do the 420 and go toe to toe with the Savage Simian!!

David Estevane says:

This prick deserves marriage and get divorce raped so he can keep mocking us mgtows

sithdoes tat says:

Don't agree with many about MTGOW, but they are not incels. THAT is just stupidity!

Senzuri-Champion says:

TFM ripped that cocksmooch a new one and he didn't even have to say anything.

imickey503 says:

How the FUCK did I miss this gem? Is this a publicity stunt? Did he do it to get a good blowjob? Is he under fire from the UK government? Here is what REALLY pours the irony on.

Paul Joseph Watson

1 week ago

YouTube CENSORED my political commentary video on 'This is America' (which contains no violence). The original, which shows people being massacred, is not even age restricted! Let's make it go viral anyway *to show them free speech cannot be silenced. *

And this fool won't say a thing about Tommy Robinson. HYPOCRITE MUCH??? Or is living in the UK really that bad?

Whirling Music says:

How does one revert back to blue pill lmao that's like you are willingly to be an idiot

MankeySpankey says:

Either way the only thing you can change is yourself so if you really want a woman work harder at it until you do.

Precision Nano Mechanics says:

PJW seems to have an agenda, on destroying credibility of anyone on 4chan. The same agenda was shown lately by Alex Jones, who also said in his court divorce transcripts, that he only plays "a character" on info wars. Is PJW playing "a character" also? Is anyone on Info Wars genuine? Are they all sheep-dipped actors/puppets and controlled opposition?

Julianus Maximianus says:

I lost respect for him after this.

Borne Stellar says:

LOL just be ALPHA dude
LOL just LIFT bruh

PJW is an absolute twink. I'm in better shape than he is, and I'm MGTOW. Apparently I can't attract women and I'm fat, though. I totally didn't become MGTOW to dodge the risk of alimony/child custody/etc, or anything. Nope! I'm just a pouting fatty who is mad that he can't get women!

This guy is such a fucking sellout. He used to have some pretty decent stuff until he started eating Alex Jones' unwashed asshole.

Musicalknight says:

Sucks to be him man

killermist says:

TFM, I infrequently downvote anything. But in this case I did.
I have a really good friend that I talk to regularly (working together helps). He listens to a lot of PJW and I listen a lot to you, and in general.
I sharpen him. He sharpens me.
Sometimes you're a little off the rails. That's OK.
Sometimes PJW is a little off the rails. That's OK.
Society in general is WAY off the rails and has no clue. That's not OK.
I help moderate him and am in turn moderated by him, and we muddle through the mess society continues to create. This is mutually beneficial.
PJW may be a little misguided at times, but he's more of a friend than an enemy (currently). I can accept that.
Attacking society for incompetence, both general and specific, OK. Attacking someone that (from his catalog) seems an ally (even if he doesn't know it), seems premature or a little misguided.

I'm casting no judgement but one. I think that the content and perspective of this video is in error in all of the larger context happening. Thus, I downvoted.

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