Ronald Reagan D-Day Speech

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On June 6, 1944, The United States led the invasion of Normandy in order to re-capture mainland Europe from Nazi control. 40 years later, in the midst of the Cold War, Ronald Reagan gave a speech honoring the tremendous sacrifice that American servicemen made on that day. These are the highlights.

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SuperEdge67 says:

America DID NOT spearhead the invasion. The majority of troops landed were British and Canadian. The vast majority of aircraft and ships used in the invasion were BRITISH…..NOT AMERICAN.

Tomek_1983. says:

Americans you invaded as usually wrong country in 1944

a latvian National Socialist says:

the World lost in 1945

Take Detour says:

I will always miss Ronald Reagan.

ludvetman says:

What a great President!

Linda Minton says:

I wouldn't send my children to save europe today.

mizerlad says:

What an amazing man, honoring other amazing men.

Kris Kaiser says:

Played for the wrong team.

Paige Scott says:

And yet Europe is heading back in the same direction!

Chris Goodman says:

I worked with a great man that landed at Point Du Hoc. It was an honor to know a man like that.

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