Russian Military Prepares for WW3 by Creating “Giant War-Cloud”

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The Russian military is building a massive cloud which will serve as backup internet in the event of a war. The cloud will be ready in two years and will allow Russia to survive in wartime, even they are totally disconnected…

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How you been Dahboo? I haven't been really commented in a while, just wanna make sure u still remember me. Joey Andrews on Twitter. I might be down for talking with you sometime…. I love that vid you did last night of the Ancient stuff in America. I like that kind of stuff… Wish i could get involved but dude i could talk about that stuff forever research and share in real time

james williams says:

Putin is the one who should have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize instead of Obama.

Christophe Tillery says:

I trust China less than I do Russia for that matter . They love to steal our technology

beatrice simpliciano says:

Has anyone ever heard of Ezekiel 38?

rodricus perry says:

That y i got My gas mask for shtf

Rush Master says:

I've never heard of this

Ля Мерд says:

Do not be an idiot! WW3 ended in 1991!


shut the fk up retread

the sludgehammer801 says:

We all know that war is only a thread away in many different parts of the world. Each country can brag all they want, but when it comes down to "WW3" or any full-scale war between powerful countries, it's not going to be pretty for anyone…



Lieutenant E says:

Hope they nuke San Francisco and Portland.

susan nelsen says:

Trump is causing chaos all over the world. This thing about trump and kim are just an act in a big world stage.

Mr big Mr bigger says:

Russians dont care they have Vodka!. Lmfao!

steel beel says:

Planet X is my goto on this.(Nibiru) Thus Monsanto (gmo), chemtrails (Radiation deflection) Society division (legal propaganda)

Oilfield Info says:

I wonder if Kim jun un will take down his Shinning Star EMP Sattellite after the summit, i doubt it

Samo Meers says:

Anyone who has done the reading and research of history knows that a peoples greatest threat is always their own government. Wars have always been and will always be the means by which those in power over the people remain in power over the people. The founders of the declaration and constitutions knew this simple fact. This is why the constitution forbids a standing army for longer than 2 years. To prevent the government from taking power of the people by wars and by the famines that wars bring. . Wake up sheeple. Your lives depend upon it.

Richard Smith says:

It seems to me that Russia wants to be self-reliant, nothing wrong with that, I'd stand highly strong upon that principle. Do you want to depend upon your neighbors for help, when you can't trust them to begin with?, I don't think this is sourly "war based", when people hear news about Russia, they immediately think war, are people so damn conditioned in the "old school" propaganda, that this is all they know?

Holli S. says:

Control the information control the minds

Holli S. says:

They use vpns in China

angela manning says:

I don't buy into this, the first thing any large power government does is make sure it will run in case of emergency or war. They are playing weak in this area.

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