Trump Chief Economic Advisor Schools Jake The Smack Talker Tapper On Tiny Trudeau

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furydad555 says:

FakeeJakee lost any shred of credibility way back when……
These clowns are now political operatives for the libtards.
Although…….there is a degree of entertainment value associated with these dummies. .
Like now, watching a t.v. guy trying to be legit…. doesn't work anymore.

hangar2247 says:

Larry Kudlow is a great asset to the Trump Administration.

hangar2247 says:

Mc Cain is a Buffoon.

UR DAD says:

What do u expect from a guy who wants refugees to flood in their country

Kykysha says:

Is this this dude drunk?

Rob Haight says:

CNN is fake news

Wolfgang Von Blitz says:

Jake is "Tapped-out" he is running out of unreality to spin! Trudeau dances before Indian Politicians as if he were a guest, not a head of state. He was a Drama teacher, now he is a Drama Queen

Robby B says:

Larry Kudlow has just suffered a heart attack and is in Walter Reed Hospital just outside of D.C. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers please.

Joey O666 says:

You would think at some point these people would pay respect when it’s due!

Scott Gable says:

Too many clueless dickheads flapping their useless gums.

Dean Foster says:

Trump played with the cards he was dealt. Thanks Trudeu for ruining the G-7 summit.

Mikhail Dominiko says:

this Chief Economic Advisor sounds drunk n looks high on marijuana lol

jman thegiantsfan says:

Haha I think Larry is drunk.MAGA

Trey Burger says:

If they were are allies then fair trade wouldnt cost us a fortune

RIO BOW says:

Rumor has it Trudope is entering Miss World as a contestant

Gandalf says:

Nobody understands geopolitics; please let Trump and other diplomatic experts do what they need to do.  "Diplomacy" does not mean "being nice."  Diplomacy takes intelligence and strategic understanding.  Everything is connected.  On Russia: Russia is not at fault in either Ukraine, Crimea, or Georgia.  The fault lies with EU/NATO/CIA expansion to the very borders of Russia–in contradiction of US assurances during the Reagan administration.

Paul Taspan says:


Gandalf says:

We can all hope that Kim Jong Un is hearing this.  At least, Kim will now understand that if he goes off and betrays a US agreement even after agreeing with it, he will not get away with it.  Would have been better if Trudeau had understood the geopolitical situation a little better.

Chris Fisher says:

Oh and I've also forgot to add to my comment f*** you Jake Tapper f*** you f*** the woman that absolutely made the mistake of pulling the one kicking turd out of the toilet naming it Jake giving it clothes and sending it on its way

Chris Fisher says:

Jake Tapper along with the rest of the douchebags and clown shoes at CNN all need to be taken out on the White House lawn and publicly executed on their own network in front of their own audience for being traitors for being enemies of the state wishing ill of this President and therefore our country and everyone should be made to admit their guilt before their televised public execution

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