WATCH: President Trump and Kim Jong-un Hold Signing Ceremony

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June 12, 2018- BREAKING NEWS: President Trump and Kim Jong-un Hold Signing Ceremony

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Janine W says:

Stupendous !!!

Cabins Nook says:

There’s a very very interesting story here, and I can’t wait to hear it some day! Congratulations to all and many thanks for the happy ending.

Michael Gonzales says:

This is incredible. I wake up and have to pinch myself that Trump is President, but THIS? N. Korea was a NWO boogie man. Trump is destroying their agenda one item at a time! God bless him!

M A says:

Send hillary to a north korean death camp

Ken Murphy says:

HISTORY!!! And we get to tell our children that we lived during the time of "TRUMP" 6/12/18 A day that will live, IN VIRTUE & ESTEEM!!!

I love The USA says:

Our fabulous Trump

Sedona5602 says:

No matter what your political affiliation you need to give President Trump credit be proud that the threat of nuclear war is decreased. Hopefully the terrorist government of Iran will follow Korea and make peace with the world

Blessedone333AZ says:

Everything that they agreed upon today was already negotiated and spoken about before today. If you're spending any time whatsoever reading the Q Anon drops that have been coming out since November 2017, you would know that Donald J Trump with the help of the United States military intelligence with the guidance and protection of Jesus Christ and our heavenly father have been systematically destroying the secret government's stronghold around the world! North Korea was set up as a CIA mind-control MK Ultra experiment. It is a demonic Force that has been controlling the Kim family and various North Korean military leadership. Trump has literally destroyed the power that this CIA secret government has enjoyed throughout the world. There will be more of this including the destruction of the Islamic caliphate in Iran. For the Christians reading this please pray that God will continue to use Donald Trump to bring peace around the world.

DEploribus Unum says:

This is so awesome!!!! God has arrived!!
Rude press people.

Linda Lowe says:

Now THAT is my President!! Thank you to both leaders!!

Dennis Karnes says:

In the dictionary under the word BOSS, there will now be no explanation of the word, there will just be a picture of President Donald J. Trump.

Dee Stroyer says:

Kim looks like he’s having a bad reaction to his meds. He has sold the North Koreans down the river to North Korea Corp

Sean Tift says:

Thank you President Trump and Mike Pompeo what a great job you are doing at the State Department Sir what a beautiful and happy day,and thank you Mr. Kim for speaking to our President sident and make it. This great jester

Mr. Invisable says:

Possibly the greatest president since Lincoln, maybe Washington. God I love this guy! MAGA!

Dee Stroyer says:

Kim will go down as a traitor to North Korea

klavier285 says:

Trump is seriously the greatest US President ever. Thank God Hillary didn't win, she couldn't have pulled this off.

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