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Donald Trump has become the first US president to meet and shake hands with a North Korean leader. After months of speculation and threats, the two men met on Singapore’s Sentosa island.

They held a 40 minute meeting, followed by a signing of a joint statement in which they agreed to the de-nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

But it was a document vague in detail and lacking a time frame.

So, what will the North Korean leader get in return for agreeing to ‘de-nuclearise’?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Scott Snyder – Senior Fellow for Korea Studies and Director of the Program on US-Korea Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Tai Wei Lim – Adjunct Research Fellow for the East Asian Institute at the National University of Singapore.

Victor Gao – Director of the China National Association of International Studies.

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Com Plex says:

The puppet show continues.

Michael LeBlanc says:

Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula means that President Trump just agreed to remove nuclear weapons from South Korea. These weapons that America keeps in this region protects the South Koreans and other Asian Partners such as Japan. If President Obama would have even suggested America remove their nuclear deterrent from South Korea, they would have said this was treasonous. This Man Mr. Trump the American President just gave North Korea legitimacy and agreed to remove American nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula, this is not a win, but a surrender.

Trissi Clak says:

Very new beginning

Spykerhond says:

Kim's hair looks best.

Amit Sharma says:

Speechless !!

Sleeper San says:

This could be the beginning of a new RENAISSANCE if we worried about people more than money.

Williem & Rebekah MaClutchie-Evans says:

Ok,at least they talking mr kim should now look after his people get some food ok.

arp thirteen says:

The unsung hero is Dennis Rodman.

1 2 says:

denuclearized the u.s

Shukuru Zote says:

The United States should leave the Korean Peninsular,You have no border in the Korean Peninsular. Leave the Koreans to make peace themselves,.

blondboybc says:

Don't trust either of them, but North Korea would be wise to tread carefully…the US regime has a history of walking away from agreements, etc. Rollercoaster of unpredictability.

Will Edwards says:

Remember 1 thing, America never stick to treaties an deals, just ask Iran. You can't negotiate with the devil

A-Kash says:

@aljazeera Trump is not the first US president to meet a North Korean leader. Jimmy Carter met Kim il Sung back in the day

Hassim Gaus says:

Never never .
It's the beginning of another cheating.
Await the next President to come and throw this to the garbage.

vasilis dimitriou says:

I knew it! This guy Trump is going to be one of the greatest. I guess second term is coming easily. He should work the same way with the middle east. Congrats to Kim too.

ubah baru says:

Just don't understand why the US ppl don't support their president Donald Trump that did a good cause to give the world a chance to hv a peace deal with Kim…the US media is so negative…

aponk aponko says:

step by step …

aponk aponko says:

plan ..for benefit.. ..fu trump.. he want economy benefit..

michael chanial says:


Natnael Eyasu says:

Next target for Trump the Hermet Country of Canada but don't forget the war of 1812.

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