🇲🇲 🇧🇩 Monsoon rains threaten Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh | Al Jazeera English

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Monsoon rains have arrived in southern Bangladesh, home to nearly one million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.

Preparations began in February to protect them from flooding and landslides ahead of the annual rainy season.

But in the first major downpours, it became apparent that homes will be destroyed and families forced to move again.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis reports.

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Jesus Christ is Lord says:

Saudi Arabia Qatar, Dubai are all very dry and rich Islamic countries.

Send all Rohingya refugees to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai.

Sharon Xavier says:

ERDOGAN & turkey should do something… Oly they can save this peoples…

land warrior says:

british left indian subcontinent , bangladesh formed . Some of bangaldeshi sneaked into border due to lack of resource ,and settle there taking the advantage of tagline of rohingya, the rohingya was very fews in number , many bangladeshi trespass , the border already .The main problem is the population of bangladesh, it has almost same as that of russia, muslim country always collapse due to population VS resource, in short rohingya issue are a gift of bangladesh, no wonder arab country never welcome south asian muslim , even if a child is born there they dont get citzen.

Nyi Nyi says:

When you have too many poor people (people with no land, no house to live, no food to eat ) in your resource-deficient over-populated country, you cannot simply ask other rich countries for help (for donations). Other countries people will say "Oh it's your own problem. Why should we give our money to your poor people for nothing?". But when you let those poor people illegally cross the border and sneak into neighbor third-world country(big area of land with relatively low population and with poor border control systems) by the thousands, and when the neighbor country drives them back out into your country, Wah lah, you have got yourself thousands of refugees who are officially eligible for getting international aids, getting resettlement opportunities in other rich countries…. What a Perfect Plot !

Keron Matthew says:

Meanwhile myself and the rest of the world sit by and watch these people suffer. Shame on us all.

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