Fiesty Conservative Takes Hateful Liberal Down A Few Pegs Over The Creepy Over Exposed Lawyer

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Danny York says:

So sick of stormy daniels shes a nasty whore potus over paid for that nasty whore wish she would slither back on her back weres shes comfortable sucking a big ole steriod dick

Giovanni Socci says:

a misnomer? I didn t see any one taking any one down..clickbait?

Kevin Wells says:

Woah remember Trump can't ask people he works with for loyalty Comey and media claim that's only how mob bosses and thugs work.

Gerrit Peacock says:

I want this girl replacing Shepherd Smith the talking toe. I dunno why he reminds me of a toe…but he always has.

Follower of David Koresh says:

Something tells me that we are near the end of common sense and are about to enter the fabled "7 years of false peace" says:


Clayton Woodruff says:

Lol, the lawyer just described CNN

Ian Mangham says:

The crooked lipped liberal is HOT

Amused says:

Isn't that the definition of CNN?

Fisty McKnuckleson says:

What’s with her eye liner

Donna R says:

At least Trump is not a rapist, anyone remember Bill Clinton??????

joe Schlotthauer says:

Jessica needs to get laid.

John Molloy says:

Proof that that CNN are now gutter RATS … @Jam

Cobb Knobbler says:

Nothing could be more ironic than somebody talking about a news network getting their facts straight while they are on CNN. Priceless. TRUMP 2020

John Forbes says:

Anyone can see STORMY ACT any time & she needs to get back to her CAREER fast as her age is starting to RUN TOWARDS HER!

Doc Tyler says:

What does any of this have to do with the job president trump is doing and Russian collusion? this is just another lame attempt by democrats to destroy the trump presidency because they have nothing else!

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