GOP Senators Behind August Recess Cancellation Speak out

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House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cancelled the August recess on Tuesday, but not without weeks of pressure from his senate colleagues.

A group of 16 republican senators had sent McConnell a letter in May urging him to keep them working full days, weekends and give them no break until they got the funding done this summer.

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mistercoors says:

If the Demonrats block and obstruct EVERY THING the Repulicans try to get passed, Mitch McConnell SHOULD take away their recesses. And, if THAT doesn't work, make them stand in the corner. I wouldn't rule out paddling either. If the liberals want to ACT like cry baby snowflakes, TREAT them as such.

Glen Baird says:

Glad to see you folks talking about getting something done …. now if you can just get the dems and the rinos to pay attention to president trump plan to make America great again and just get er done ,,,, that would be nice ……it is way past time to establish law and order in this nation ,,, that goes double in DC ……build the wall…….my prayer is that enough good people get elected and the dead beat obstructionist are shown the door …..God bless the true americans who are serving and doing thier very best for the nation…….

Debra Demusz says:

You don’t need that long of a break. Country is priority one.

CastleMama says:

June 7th Imran Awan walks with a deal! Thanks to Luke Rosiak, the Daily Caller, Judicial Watch, Louie Gohmert, George Webb, and others that have worked to shed light on the inept security provisions in the public eye. Never stop pointing out corruption, call for more vetting, penalties, call Kiko, call Gregg Harper. Call your congressman until they care for you!

Teresa Young says:

GOParty of Cowards

E-HUDD says:

The Republicans obstructed Obama for his entire 8 years. They were open about it. Why no one is pointing it out now is beyond me. Just look at the filibuster record. Before Obama the most in any 2 term president's time was Clinton at 9. Then the Republicans broke that record with Obama when they did it to him 27 times in his 1st term and 45 times in his 2nd… Really GOP? Fuckin liars is all they are!

John Oliver says:

This is bullshit! Push Trump's nominees after you very same people held up OBAMA AT EVERY TURN! You just fear your going to lose your majority come November. I'm very curious how long you'll put off your breaks after that! We'll see then how much you really want to get done.

PCou says:

Sen. Ron Johnson is as full of it as they come. He lies, just like Joe Wilson. Does he think anyone forgot how obstructionist the GOP was when Pres. Obama took office? Johnson has the nerve to stand there and lie that the GOP was even the least bit gracious or civil with Obama. These guys are all dirtbags. They're accusing the Dems of obstructing them, after eight years of them obstructing everything Obama tried to accomplish. They're not working in August to get "the people's work" done… they've already admitted that they're doing it to keep the Dems from getting a chance to campaign for the midterm elections. They're scared, yellow-belly, whining sissies. What hypocrites!

Juston Johnson says:

Recess was a good cartoon in my opinion.

Crappie Fisher says:

Democrats the communist party !

Leon Mondragon says:

What a bunch of lies. These punks obstructed and did not allow confirmation of a Supreme Court Judge. What ice holes and the female news reporter agrees with them more GOP news service.

Linda Minton says:

The democrats will have to work for a change, I can hear Diane Feinstein calling her union steward right now!

Rob K says:

Hillary Clinton just responded to Rosanne's tweet that forced ABC to fire her: Brilliant Hillary .

Mike Dee says:

Alot of B.S the republicans obstructed Obama's progress right after he got elected and they don't want an August break is so the democrats can't campaign and flip any seats it's all bullshit.

Donna Johnson says:

Blab, blab, blab, blab… blame, blame, blame, blame… I can't stand this Congress, how stupid can they be to think all Americans, except Trump supporters, belief this bull! How can they believe Trump is a good president and doesn't lie. They don't realize that other than their lack of common sense, or maybe their corruption, Trump is the one causing the problems by lying. Mueller hasn't said a word, no leaks there, but Congress is blaming him even after Trump picked him, Sessions and Rosenstein, ALL REPUBLICANS! I guess they don't remember when Trump said he was going to get a "special investigator" to investigate Hillary Clinton, even though she had already been investigated. I say quit paying them, giving them benefits even we don't have, and impeach all of them, including Trump. I"m so teed off right now that moving to another country seems a great idea if they'd have me, but Trump ruined that too.

ben kennedy says:

Or they could just put forward decent canidates

Lavaughn Vanbrocklin says:

The minorities fighting you because you put people like betsy fucking DeVos in a role she knows nothing about. Look into what she did with her charter school bullshit in michigan.

george in-virginia says:

"Dictator Trump for Dictator" Vote Republican. !

Dan K says:

Who do any of these snoots think their kidding? They never have nor ever will represent what the American people NEED not want.

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