Laura Ingraham & Dan Bongino Own Ex Shumer Aide Over The MSM Rooting For Trump NOKO Failure

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Tommy Fischer says:

Give Rodman a break!

karen giorda says:

Amen dan bogino !!!

okir rama says:

Heck, Fake news MSM would root for Hitler if he said fuck Trump

Mustaffa Beenie says:

Y'all dis DR but look at FACTS~ Rod was out for PEACE between America and NK.. so what now!!!

Wyatt Gouldthorpe says:

The new talking point is the "action on human rights" thing. They will hammer Trump over not being able to get that done despite that not being the point of the meeting.

Chella Taylor says:

He told ovomit, and he BLEW him off !
TRUMP made it happen ! History in the making ! THIS IS A GREAT PRESIDENT !

kindinot says:

It's a done deal, I can feel it, North Korea has been desperate for this for a long time, Trump is the best for USA, I wish we (UK), had him.

escobar mohammed says:

Rodman joins team Trump

escobar mohammed says:

Trump keeps winning and pissing off the racist demokkkrats

Jeff Killingsworth says:

Thank you President Trump, closer to a SAFER America for my grand kids….

Ralph Geigner says:

Nancy Pelosi etc and her F Troop! Are such jerks! Thugs! Bad losses! As well as CNN, MSM etc.!
Vote them all out in NOV 2018!

They never are positive! Always! Negative of and about the USA! and this important meeting ! GO ARMY (RET) NRA USA

assindiastignani says:

Let the liberal left rant and rave as much as they like. They are doing a better job of turning off the American people completely, than anything the right could imagine.

G Nelson says:

Chrissy girl is a smirking a-hole that needs smacked up side the head.

Nancy says:

Only the President Trump supporters and people that love this country hope it goes well, not the haters and we know who they are.

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