Laura Ingraham Deep Fry’s The Deep State In The Holy Oil Of Truth

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Lonnie Christopher says:

..The New York Times needs to hire an occasional college graduate. They print a front page article saying Trump was wiretapped. They then deny that they printed that article, trying to hide the fact that they did. Then they deny there was an imbedded spy in the Trump campaign. Then they admit Trump was wiretapped the whole time, and that the imbedded spy was a type of "person to guard his security"….Dodge, spin, block, make- up, and hide…..from the high school diploma- less journalists…

Clinton Scott says:

The Russians were bad for trying to entice people to vote for trump? Is this the same Russia Hillary Clinton signed off on regards buying u.s. fissionable materials? Is it the same Russia?

Robert Dickerson says:

Thank you for reporting on the lies about immigration,it is obscene when Americans have no medical ins. and living in poverty or one pay check to the next

Karen Tamminen says:

I hope those orange suit get handed out soon!

Kaye Taullie says:

Stop chain migration! The Queen of Britain has her hands full with the bride! Trump 2020

Bill Nobody says:

Funny, Shiff for brains just described the MSM when they say anonymous sources say things. Just saying.

charles bishop says:

This guy is a queef

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