Laura Ingraham Destroys Lil Spike Lee Over The Inserting Of Trump Slogan In David Dukes Mouth

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texasun12 says:

That coon ass nigga said that calling a black person 3/5ths of a human was Americas way of giving humanity. Why don't racist white cops ever murder uncle Tom's and coons. I PROMISE YOU THERE WOULD BE NO PROTEST AGAINST THAT.

Rob Strong says:

fox, laura, and that fool to her left spewing lies

Rill Young says:

She's hideous!!! She needs to stay on radio! Racist folk are always ugly outside and in!

James Parks says:

Actually Trumpkins the Pilgrems did have SLAVES Native American SLAVES. And we know this from Historical COURT DOCUMENTS..!

Big Dawg says:

Stop with your lies Faux News. Trump uses profanity all the time. And America was built on slavery and the genocide of native Americans. Europeans were not welcomed here. You sound like a bunch of morons with your lies. I like to see the Europeans leave and go home. Negroes, Hispanics, and Latinos are not treated the same as the people who make the rules in the country.

dompresh says:

This Black Man Kevin Johnson is an Uncle Tom!!! He is a tap dancing shucking and jiveing wanting to please his master house Negro!!! I wonder how much they paid him to say that blacks were humanized by only being labeled as 3/5 of a human! He needs a white sheet over his head!!!

tina terrell says:

How the F*** is Donald Trump gonna clean up Urban neighborhoods in America when he can't even clean up mass shooting in Suburban white neighborhoods?!

Marvin Lockhart says:

This Kevin Jackson is a dumbass!

Travis Brown says:

Kevin The Sambo House boy Jackson is a pitiful sellout piece of shit of a human. A couple questions Sambo Jenkins: 1 Who took their humanity? 2 How exactly did the 3/5 compromise give blacks humanity? 3: How can you give me something you’re not,,, a hue’man? Whites have no hue in their skin so they cannot be hu’mans

Travis Brown says:

Laura Come get your pet negro Kevin.

TheTomjonesrock1 says:

America was built by slaves and cotton catapulted this country into a powerful nation if not for the free labor where would this country be.

Tremain Bowman says:

An honest conversation?
This conversation is making progress how?

Kevin Anderson says:

Kevin kevin you up at fox news buck dancing for that white mans money, you should be ashamed of your self as a black man if i see you anywhere sellout sambo kevin it is going to be a misserible day for you sir, you coons need to start getting fuck up

Kevin Anderson says:

White america have a dark day coming,America was founded on the blood shed rape an murder of black people an native Indians, everything white America have came off the backs of slave and thats the honest to god truth, the black messiah is coming from the east to you devil's in chains for what the did to all these people, justice is coming for white America you can bet your bottom dollar

My man flint says:

Laura bitch ass Ingram stupid white honky bitch !

mystikal3 says:

The 3/5 compromise was to humanize blacks?  What kind of idiot is this?  So 3 out of every 5 black persons was counted as 1 person and this was to humanize blacks?  America was founded on freedom and liberty?  Smh………..there is obviously a lot of money to be made selling out like this but my question is, why lie about it?  Tell the truth but just say your ok with how your people were treated my brother.  Tell them it was cool that they sold, raped, murdered, separated, experimented on, and mutilated blacks for their own gain (I think Laura called it "a few flaws").  Fox will still book you Kevin.  They need you Kevin.  They need you so that they can say:  "A black guy said that".  They need you to stroke their ego that their ancestors were actually the ones that built everything and blacks just helped with a couple manual labor tasks.  Keep putting on the cape for them because they obviously pay you well but definitely come back and see us after they determine your services are no longer needed.  Hope you are saving that money because I've heard that fall from the grace is a hard one.

Niger Mcgauley says:

This nigger crazy. Your born with human hood if that's a thing. I do not need a white person to sign off on that.

topspeedjunkie1 says:

You blame trump for psychos shooting up schools wow how about we focus on someone who is directly involved like the media who makes these nut cases out to be gods. As for trump denouncing the kkk your explanation of it was ludacris and an outright lie but what else do you ass clowns have really. Makes me think u never even watched the interview and instead just talked to a friend who's uncle cousins sister saw it and that's what they said the first thin anyone should be when arguing is informed. Try it

chrismontrell says:

I just cant stop listening to this dumb ass black man say 3/5ths was a way to give blacks a place in america. How much these krakers paying this nigga? mf literally just set our entire black society bk 400 years

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