Sam Harris Schools Russell Brand on the Nature of Consciousness

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This is an excerpt from episode 45 of the podcast Under The Skin with Russell Brand, titled “What’s The Biggest Threat To Freedom?”, in which Brand speaks to Harris about conceptions of consciousness, dogmatic thinking, and consumerism.

You can listen to the entire podcast here:


James Cameron says:

Sam Harris: "Everyone wants an I-phone, right?" Wrong. This lame comment of his, to me, shows just how self-important and materialistic this egotistical Sam Harris truly is.

Winston Bachan says:


Fabio Balenzano says:

Trash journalism approach with a ludicrous titled not confirmed in any way by the actual discussion.

GameOne says:

What a cheapness! Totally incorrect title to 'prove' some point? How can Sam Harris 'school' anyone on consciousness when he himself hardly knows anything about it.

Karl Jordan says:

All life is infinite awareness it's like a bath tub full of water if you take a drop of water that drop is the individual consciousness but is still connected. They have ruined our brains with chemicals and we have lost the tools needed to connect back to the source. The truth is within don't look externally for saviour it's the Christ (light) within. Meditate stay loving and treat people fairly and most importantly stay healthy by eating right.

BRIDGES102 says:

Irritating listening to Brand desperately trying to recall his favorites from his Thesaurus toilet roll

mads max says:

Lol, sam Harris used his gift of consciousness to rob himself and other rational people of their own souls. Sounds like a waste of imagination to me, but please carry on. I a, so happy sam Harris cant get enough of his own voice. God is great.

Jake Siewertsen says:

I am a fan of Harris but science cannot tell us anything about the nature of consciousness. This is much more in Brands arena and it shows.

Niku singh says:

Major research on Neuroscience in western science is all about ripping off Indian wisdom and labeling them with fancy name and branding them as their own. They have no Idea what conscience is ? Sam Harris only parroting what Indian atheist has done millennium before attributing matter giving birth to conscience.

Zachery Jones says:

Maybe you should go to school so that you can understand what ‘schooled’ means. Russell is such an open human being, I’ve never seen him stand in opposition to someone or something. He merely wishes to understand.

John Cannon says:

Russell “for me though…” Brand

Harry Manback says:

I agree with Sam Harris on Islam but I can't understand why he rails against fundamentalism while hardly criticising the massive geopolitical/military blunders of the US, Israel and even Saudi Arabia. It seems with Sam that if you are building a bomb in a factory you get a pass but if yr building it in a basement in some third world shithole you are a monster. World war one set the current world events in place. Islam needs reform but the world needs to meet itself half way… bombs dont feed children. Sam needs to be more even handed in his criticism i think.

@thefermiparadox says:

Sam Harris is most accurate public Thinker.

Snitches_get_reported says:

But he actually did school him, guys. I don't like clickbait-y titles either, but credit is due. Russell came off as a sloppy thinker, a bit New-Age-y on this subject, and Sam probably did teach him a thing or two in this conversation. Maybe it's that I don't consider "schooling" someone to be a disrespectful act. I love being schooled. Always relish an opportunity to have your ignorance exposed and, more importantly, corrected for.

Kim Goossens says:

"Arguing with an Idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, shit on the board, and strut around the board like it won the game!" Very much to the point here.

Intravenous DMT says:

Russell Brand made himself look like such a dick head on his podcast

Kathe O'Reilly says:

Sorry Brand…outta your league…irritating word salad…interrupting…stop saying his name and listen to his words when you're not tripping about yourself on air…good job Sam….you made it make sense…

zrizzle says:

Why do you feel need to have a biased clickbait title? They debated consciousness, no one schooled anyone.

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