The Doelling Kruger Effect

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David Doel of The Rational National has thoughts on white privilege and the infamous Peterson Dyson clash.

Doel on Peterson, Dyson

David Doel Q&A


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Brian Viktor says:

You cannot debate leftists. They are the embodiment of human dysfunction, which includes (wilful) ignorance, idiocy, violence, projection, etc. The only language they understand is power and violence. That's why they are so obsessed of seizing it – and if it is not existent, create it first. They cannot debate, and those who do use every dirty trick possible to tilt the discussion to their favor – be it the typical mainstream media 1:4+ ratio of talkers, having very short segments of debates or entirely refusing to debate and rather directly adhering to power or violence itself.

Their world is a twisted mess of contradictions, irrationalities and simplifications. Little makes sense, yet they want to push their goals and agendas. Often they tend to abandon reason, evidence and facts as a whole to enable it.

I debate a lot on the internet, and am I targeting socialists the most. And I avoid to be insulting or condescending, yet they barely make any arguments. They just claim things which they pick up without thinking much about it – I debunk it or refute it – common response: "You are too stupid and ignorant to debate with", another attempt at insulting me or just plain silence.

Recently I debated a communist. He wrote a lot, so did I – I explained to him how basic economy works. Resulted in one sided insulting. That one started out promising… turned out as wasted time.

Connor Stevenson says:

Rod Serling

Kojii Naz says:

Lib/leftist neobigots never talk about Yoruba privilege, Northern Han privilege, Tamil privilege, Cherokee privilege, etc., which must undboubtedly exist where they are the main ethnocultural grouping. Only white devils have "privilege".

Blantron McGowan says:

I love your lighting

Junk Booger says:

The smug in strong with this one…. <.< The unearned self esteem is palpable.

Dubs says:

lol…objectively. Peterson rekt Dyson.

Rik_23 says:

That quality tho, always impressed

Michael Lathrop says:

That ending was priceless

Heeeeeeerm says:

¨I´m not open to debating anyone who doesn´t think white privilege exists¨

If you disagree with someone that strongly, you should debate them, because:

A.) If nothing else, It´ll be fun to listen to people yell at each other shrugs
B.) If someone is that ¨stupid¨, then you should be able to kill them in a debate while discrediting them and their cause.

So much for being ¨Rational.¨

ArsenPatron says:

So many contradictions in his statements, how does he not notice them?


every time i hear someone say "enforced monogamy" i know they are an imbecilic dip shit.

how in the fuck is a government going to enforce monogamy ? its called marriage. but thats still theoretical. you can cheat – but there are consequences . if you dont want enforced monogamy, dont get married.

what the fuck is so hard to understand about this?? do they think men are going to be allowed to hire someone to put a gun to their wifes head while hes at work? are women going to be allowed to tie their husbands up at night?

it takes basic cognitive ability to understand things beyond sensationalized hit-piece rhetoric

killersushi99 says:

Jordan Peterson On White Privilege: The idea that you can target an ethnic group with a collective crime regardless of the specific innocence or guilt of the constituent elements of that group there is absolutely nothing more racist than that.
Its absolutely abhorrent

Gabriël Le Roux says:

phenomenal work guys !

Plague Doctor says:

That last clip tho: "I'm not dumb you just explained it wrong"

The Bucko Himself says:

that ending is actually one of the saddest things i've ever seen.

yabon banania says:

Rest in peace, Doel.

ice la honk says:

Don't care for Peterson all that much but your channel and its content is really taking a nosedive lately

Andrew Eakle says:

He cant debate morality? Did he prove himself wrong?

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