White House Reporters Push Fake News

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The Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill, Amber Athey and Benny Johnson are calling out some of the White House press corps for their blatant biases against the Trump Administration this week.

Several reporters pushed the MS-13 gang lie, the Russia Hoax and asked if President Trump is a lair.

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DON W says:

The MSM makes me sick. I stay away from these fools.

mojo something says:

"news" should not equal kissing up to obama and then making up BS about the current POTUS. if they went after obama with 1/4 the effort they go after trump, they would have done more to gain the respect of the people. instead, they hold a witch hunt, then question why people move to fox news, drudge, national review, etc

the bias is so obvious, i am not sure how these people (CNN, msnbc, etc) have a job

Freedom2Noise Media says:

They know what the POTUS was saying. They're just a bunch of seditious scum.

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