Will Trump Sign The Surrender To The Deep State And Never Ever Be Known As Alpha Lion Leader Again?

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Has Trump Decided That Doing The Right Thing Is Just Too Hard… We’ll Discuss It At 9am CST


Paul Wilson says:

waste of time… nothing in this video

Kraig says:

President Trump is just buying time, things have been brewing for months and months and months in the background. The fun part will start when president Trump has decided it's time. The global Elite treasonous trash will be pee in their pants.

Jami Ross says:

its not going to matter!

It's business as Usual in Washington, and this country will be beyond saving with these treasonous Acts


I'd like to wipe the smug faces off the democrats right now !! They look like the cat that swallowed the canary, so happy with themselves.
They actually believe they are doing the "right" thing, but they keep going left { haha right/left get it ? }
It is the same here in Canada. Election time here cannot come soon enough !! But there is a light for some of us ! Doug Ford brother to one time mayor to TORONTO Rob Ford, is an alpha that has come to clean up house, as his own brother did in Toronto.
Rob too had skeletons and unfavourable to the elites/libtertardians , but he put a stop to the gravy train at city hall.
He has passed on, too soon, and his Ford Nation still lives. Big brother Doug has run and won to be leader of his own party and is now in the running for a new premier !!! Sooo excited to see it all go down for the soy buttplugs who have driven our country to shame on a worldwide level .

Brandon Joseph Hebert says:

The Zionist are hell bent on destroying this country, I have no problems with destroying thim. I'm a small town Cajun, you attack my friends and family, I will attack back. Exterminate them are they will exterminate us.

Paul Revere says:

I pray Trump doesn't sign this bill.

Cliff Sullivan says:

Trust the plan" and stop whining about the methods being used by those actually fighting this battle. This cabal of criminals and deep state queefs are being strung up and your choice to abandon ship now is yours but know that this is all part of the plan Trump is leading.

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