🇮🇹 Italy: More than 900 rescued refugees arrive in Sicily | Al Jazeera English

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More than 900 people have arrived at the Italian port of Catania in Sicily after being rescued at sea by the Italian Coast Guard.

This comes amid a growing diplomatic row between Italy and France over the new Italian government’s refusal to allow a French rescue boat to dock.

France’s president has called that rejection cynical and irresponsible, and the Italian government has fired back.

Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from Rome.

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Delawanna says:

Mohammadan Invasion!

Shon Won says:

To the racists/nationalists who're trying to masquerade as a patriots There's certain refugees that ARE scammers, then there are ones that are in a completely powerless situation they have no defense for. I have zero doubt that a great many of them would be more successful AND contribute more than some natives of the country that they're trying to seek refuge in. There's ZERO get out that there are CITIZENS of the country they're seeking asylum in, that could EASILY think of 5-10 ppl off the top of their head they know should be deported into a war zone and the country would be better off WITHOUT them. You MIGHT be one of them.

Mr Nutter Butter says:

I thought the government was supposed to keep their people safe, not put them at an increased risk for being raped and murdered.

David Wilton says:

Shut the all the ports turn the lot back and forcibly repatriate the ones the got through.

oldredcoonhound says:

Ummm yeah, we have 630 " refugees" ( illegal immigrants) on board. SURPRISE!!! we have 900
Let Your Globialist Macron take them into France if he wants them so bad.

Helgamond Ratbone says:

Stay strong, Italy!

Umar Yusuf says:

If Europeans and Americans stopped destroying there land and stop causing war in the name of democracy. This wouldn’t happen. Also maybe if Europeans didn’t colonies Africa they wouldn’t have to leave.

Trashar Liberali says:

Send them back and put Merkel head on a pike

Dazza Johnson says:


Jason F. says:

Sink those ships.

Brandon says:

Nothing but Invaders

Eric Smith says:

Send them back, they arent refugees

Armando Zessar says:

This's happened because a non Coordinations between Ministries,while a ONG where forbidden to entering into Italians Port's,a Coast Guard's Ship's moved a thousands from Africa's and Mr.Salvini can't say not to Italian's Navy's .Everybody always talking about saving the lives of women's and children's,but where are the Elderly goings,in the Trash's ?

David S. says:

Italy is becoming a Muslim Congo as we speak thanks to Liberal corrupt politics.

michael o says:

mostly unemployed men and bad fathers. Send them to Quatar, so they can rape your daughters.

Alexander Eley says:

Refugees? Funny way to spell target practice

Leave my guns alone Vile Libtards! says:

Get those RAPEfugees out of Italy!

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Michael says:

Wait for the muslim no go zones to pop up with the associated rape gangs. Fun stuff.

Kelvin nyenza says:

The world is of people let them be

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