Freeland critical of tariffs, Trump in award speech

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Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland was critical of U.S. tariffs on Canadian products and President Donald Trump’s leadership style, without mentioning him by name, while accepting the Diplomat of the Year award from Foreign Policy magazine.

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Tom Tang says:

Is it just me . I feel she looks kind of evil.

mark haas says:

"Remove all tariffs, trade barriers and subsidies". Trump gave us a chance to do the SMART thing, and now it's gone, perhaps for good. The Liberals have specialized in the art of bribing us with our own money. That's why they won't follow Trump's request; it could mean political suicide, especially with their base. We Canadians had a huge economic boom for the last decade, even spilling into the Trudeau administration which has been spending and borrowing like drunken sailors since they plucked power from the Conservatives. That little Golden Age ends very shortly. Hold onto your wallets, Canada; we're in for a bumpy ride.

Steph Ss says:

That's an interesting acceptance speech. I am dumbfounded how the Republicans are jumping ship, instead of fighting for the liberty of the USA. Seriously, it's like reliving Hitlers reign all over again. Does anyone remember? Does anyone in the USA care? The longer Trump has a platforn, the more damage he does. Twitter needs to ban him already.

Jayden Banks says:

Thanks Canada for nothing. What exactly does Canada do for America that we can't do ourselves. Our relationship benefits them a thousand times more than us. Their not even on the security council like Britain or loyal like Australia.

Canadians gonna buy our stuff anyways. North American culture is American culture.

sunny S says:

The world has been sleeping and taking trump lightly, mark these words like gospel – come next elections, he will not hesitate starting a nuclear war with someone if it means it will help win him back. Approval by Congress doesn't matter for anything anymore.its a classic coward-chief out to take revenge on the world – scenario.

Cari Draper says:

Ahhh yes the rohingia lie! Kevin j Johnston went over there to expose this con! Stay tuned

Tyler says:

Trump protects American works, while Freeland protects a "feminist" who groped a reporter in Creston BC and whose eyebrows fell off in Quebec! Just who is this Groper Marxist formerly known as Trudoh?

DD dunn says:


x Feng says:

Of course she said that. when your not the one losing 800 billion per year on trade. Must wage trade war and win back our $$$

Mark Green says:

Kudos to Freeland and the entire Trudeau team in standing up against the ludicrous actions of the current American president, Donald Trump.

sunny S says:

Canada is at the crossroads where it can now stop being the 1/10th country and actually take a leap into leading the new world order. All it takes is to modify it's priorities a bit and it can take off.

Hot Lips Houlihan says:

Canadian politicians get more embarrassing by the day, from the top down. Trudeau is a wretched failure, but his underlings are even less competent. They genuinely seem to have confused Twitter likes with accomplishments.

Bobob says:

By the way Mexico has never fought in the same side in any war with the US. They are not our Allies!

cyc7lops says:

No thanks to the New World Order where all countries obey the rules of an unelected open-borders globalist panel and eventually we're all enslaved with greater and greater austerity "solutions" in more and more countries. F that idea, Christia.

laurejon says:

I'm not sure Trump shares Canadian Values, but he appears to be replicating them by enacting supply management on steel, manufacturing, and consumer goods.

I guess Trump has finally succumbed to liberal values, shared by liberals across the world.

The Quiet Midden says:

"Canada knows where it stands and we will rise to this challenge." Preach.

scriban ARG says:

The irony, Ms. Freeland, is that "free trade" is responsible in large measure for the disastrous situation of rising inequality around the world. Not because free trade itself is bad, but because some of the most important mechanisms embedded in free trade agreements are there to please large corporate interests and nobody else. Don't tell me that western governments are not giving away slices of their sovereignty when they allow large corporations to sue a government because they don't like, say, the environmental positions or laws adopted in that country. How many times in the last 25 years have we seen progressive governments being ordered around by financial interests that demand more financial help for themselves and more austerity measures against the citizens of that country? It's very nice of you to maintain that governments, through free trade agreements, must still adopt strong measures, for example in favor of labour. But you know as well as me that this sovereign capacity is gradually being eaten away by those dark international financial interests… whose representatives you meet on a regular basis behind closed doors. That said, I certainly appreciate your assurances that Canada "won't back down" in the face of the thugs who have been put in charge of the American government. "Allow me, as your friend, to make the case that …. you may feel today that your size allows you to go mano a mano with your adversaries and be guaranteed to win. But if history tells us one thing, it is that no one nation's preeminence is eternal". Well said, lady.

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