How can women garment workers’ rights be safeguarded in the #MeToo era?

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As the #MeToo movement makes strident gains for women across the world, campaigners are focusing on how to improve the lives of female factory employees producing items for well-known clothing brands.

A series of recent investigations by a coalition of labour organisations that includes Global Labor Justice and the Asia Floor Wage Alliance uncovered damning evidence of gender-based violence in supply chains for Gap, H&M and Walmart. Women working in factories in Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Bangladesh reported physical and verbal abuse, sexual harassment, unhealthy working environments and forced overtime – all while making items for sale in the world’s most popular ‘fast fashion’ stores.

The Stream will examine the common problems faced by women working in garment factories and consider ways to improve their working lives. Join the conversation at 19:30 GMT.

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michael o says:

Jesus is Lord.

boodely dootely says:

How is QATAR on Women's rights?

lobsang tashi says:

india is super power country as indian public calling them self and their gdp also

Hasan Imam says:

Gender discrimination is huge in Bangladesh, although most of the garment workers are women but controlled by some men.women are so isolated when you talk about safety and salary both.

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